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Royal Holiday Club / got money back and contract cancelled!

Mexico Review updated:
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I got an e-mail from a woman who was successful in getting her contract cancelled and all money back. Royal Holiday is now calling her and pressuring her to quit the Yahoo Royal Holiday complaints group, and not helping others with problems. I have her permission to repost her SqueakyWheel site here since she is going to have to remove it. Squeaky Wheel's policy is that resolved complaints are removed.

Update May 24,2007: Letters cancelling contract received, they are going to call me to have me discontinue my telling others about the problems. I am interested in hearing what they need to say to me. Since they are continuing to contact me I do not feel this is completely resolved. Only when they are finished calling me will I consider this resolved. I want them to leave me alone.
They also did respond to the BBB of Southeast Florida, whom I complained to.

Update April 29,2007: I have heard from BookIt.com and am satisfied I was wrong in blaming them for any part of the scam. I received a letter from our California State Attorney General's office stating they are keeping a file of complaints, and if it warrants when enough complaints show a pattern of abuse they could take action.

Also, Royal Holiday has reversed both charges for the down payment and the balance to my MasterCard account. The total was over $27,000.00

My Experience:

While at the Park Royal in Cozumel 0n April 04, 2007, Fernando De Leeuw, the project manager, promised that we could get 100% of our money back. This was in a form of a certificate that I have found is worthless. People who have sent them in have never heard from the annuity company. He promised us all the services that other members have not gotten too. I have seen accounts of people who never were reimbursed for the air fair coupons they were given, why would they treat me any differently? Where I really took the bait was when the legal representative, Helene Lacouture, got us to put the full amount on my credit card by offering a discount. They led us down the garden path, and when I did research on them for complaints I knew I would have to fight to get my money back. They could offer us anything, it is now apparent they had no intention of delivering any services. Even though they had the no reconsideration period clause in the contract, I believed we had the guarantee of the money back. Now I know that Mexican law gives five days. Sellers do not tell buyers they have that time. When I called Royal Holiday they told me I could still cancel by sending an e-mail to an address that rejected it because it's mailbox was full. The people I talked to on the phone told me I could cancel, but no one would answer the numbers they gave me. I calculated the worth of the points by dividing the contract amount by thirty adding it to the anual dues (which can go up) and figured out the worth of the points. Then I went to a resort, took the number of points, divided it the value of the points and compared the two amounts and found it cost $301.00 more to use the program than to rent the condo for a week. Some bargain. I have been trying to get them to respond to me and reverse the charge on my credit card and they ignore me. I would hope that someone with authority would just do the right thing and put the money back in my account. I filed a fraud case with MasterCard demonstrating a pattern of misrepresentation with the accounts posted on different Internet sites. I found out more by researching a lot of sites. I believe the thing that helped me the most was reacting fast. If you are becoming aware you too are a victim of this fraud, use the support of others though the Internet. I was strengthened knowing I was not alone, others had gotten results, and others were being warned not to fall for this.

The most helpful group is a yahoo group: Royal_Holiday_scam@yahoogroups.com

If you have access to any bulk mailing lists send links to these sites out and warn Americans about these Mexican scams. Also, go here to write the Mexican Administration for Tourism: http://www.sectur.gob.mx/wb2/secturing/sect_8509_mailbox

As you can see, if you are persistent, you too can get all money returned and out of the contract. Do what she did, and you too will have good luck. Mexico does not have class action suits, and since these agreements were signed in Mexico, you can not file a class action suit. What you can do, is use the power of the Internet, be heard, share your story, and as others join in we are more powerful than a class action suit. People who put things like this on the Internet are pressuring Royal Holiday. They are going to have to change their ways or go out of business because we are speaking out.


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A  10th of Oct, 2007 by 
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My husband & I have also been lied to - we bought only a trial membership but are not able to book the holiday places we were told we could. How do we begin to get our money back?? I don't know where to start. If you have any suggestions for us please let us know.
A  15th of Jan, 2008 by 
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my wife and me have the same problem. We cancelled the membership the next day we signed the contractin Cancun-Mexico, but we could not get ou money back. We are calling royal holiday almost every day but nobody is helping us.
we are thinking to sue Royal hollidays if we don't get our money back.
A  6th of Feb, 2008 by 
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We are fighting the same thing. It is over six weeks since we tried to cancel our contract.
D  8th of Jun, 2008 by 
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My husband and I got a membership at Royal Holiday Club. At first we weren´t happy because we only had 5, 000 points and it
wasn´t enough to stay where we wanted. Then we added 5, 000 points and from then on we have really enjoyed vacationing with our family. We have stayed in different hotel in Puerto Rico and Orlando. The only time we didn´t find a reservation was for
Canada and we really didn´t book with enough time.

Royal Holiday gives us the opportunity to go to different hotels each year and depending the hotel we even have space or points to
invite other famiily members.

If you are interested just be sure to ask all the necessary questions. I don´t believe buying it outside US territory is a good idea, but otherwise I think it´s much better than other companies were you have to pay to be able to stay at a different place each year and
even pay fees to other companies. The option for cruises needs to be improved, too. If you want a membership you can enjoy be sure they have places to stay near your home so you can get there without taking a plane (We don´t always have the money
to travel far).

We´ve had years of nice vacationing and the service has been good.

Make your own judgements once you have all the information and evaluate your situation. Otherwise you could be missing out.
D  4th of Oct, 2008 by 
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this company has been arond for many years helping families with enjotable vacations. why is it only a hand full of complaints. you just can't please every one. I can asure you that at least 99% of ROYAL HOLIDAY CLUB customers are very very happy.
D  28th of Apr, 2010 by 
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A  4th of Oct, 2010 by 
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This company has the worst customer service ever. I have set my payments to be automatically taken from CC. I have only been paying since March 2010 and they have missed 2 payments. How the F can this happen if I am set up for auto pay? They can not figure out why this has happened. The customer service people are very rude and not very helpful. My designated person is never there and he never calls back. Every time I call they say he is on Lunch! But that person will be happy to help, but yet they cant and say he will call me back. I have 3 phone numbers all with call display and voice mail. When I do get a hold of him he says he has been trying to reach me on all my numbers. I really wish I had seen this page before I got suckered into this scam. I was told a bunch of lies and i am not happy. I cant wait to go back to Dominican and see these [censor]s that sold me this...
A  18th of Oct, 2010 by 
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I have been trying to book a resort on the website but everything is unavailable. I want to cancle my membership. The royal hoilday is a scam.
N  9th of Nov, 2010 by 
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N  25th of Feb, 2011 by 
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How many of you have really got money back and got the contract cancelled?
N  30th of Mar, 2012 by 
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we've also spent over $30, 000 and have been nothing but lied to. and for three years now, we get to pay $1000. annual member fees. this is definitely a scam, the question is how do we get out of it?
N  6th of Apr, 2012 by 
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Id compare RHC to pyramidic scheme because... so similar... because the ones started this system might have disappeared as well... or they are just anonymous on the 'bottom' to gain the most The first ones (on the bottom) gains the most... and we, the members lose the most... the top of pyramid.

... and this is how I see it... for me it looks like theres only members of RHC existing for real any more meaning theres of course other 'shareholders of RHC' as well, but for how long? Investpeople come and go. This whole thing is based on taking money out of our pockets... all these tricks used in this... So called invest people come and go... start new businesses..

but what I really think of the system is that we the members of RHC are the real owners of RHC... and finallly the only ones because I dont think theres any other.. for real... or propably financial institution sort of... at least they gain their profits... but... And thats why we dont get any tools because the secret would be discovered.

The way I see it!
N  6th of Apr, 2012 by 
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And if theres gonna be a lawsuit.. who to sue? For real? RHC? But who is it? US?

And we all know how f.e. fractals work...
N  6th of Apr, 2012 by 
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But is it a real business when the real owners have absolutely no rights in their own business?

The way I see it.

If there was people in charge... not just hired employees... we would know about them. But f.e. for me theres absolutely none.
N  6th of Apr, 2012 by 
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One more thing... and because the employees dont give at least for me any tools... only took my money... as a matter of fact I see it stealing from the owners pocket... made by hired employees (?)... or financial institution (as outsider). But how many employees f.e. would do that... in a real business life? We call it in a certain name.. that kind of act.

Its a partnership between employees and the owners, should be at least. And because the financial group told me to be only a payment collector in this RHC case... they cant be the owners...

...or they lied :).
N  15th of Apr, 2012 by 
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Following Royal Holiday Press Release I found in net. Theres these old news to be found... And Im sure if Im not allowed to copy it here someone removes it in that case from the website. For now its a big fat lie in Europe - RHC. Theres no members in Europe--- just few (two of us with no real service?)...

Nothing to add... or taken off...

????? All these news are a scam to me as well. Just a lie. And its my truth... my point of view.

The news:

Royal Holiday takes over Europe.

June 08, 2008

Royal Holiday

Royal Holiday's has reinforced its European operations in response to the remarkable expansion the company has had in this market in recent years, opening direct lines of communication with its European members.

This has resulted in important benefits for Royal Holiday’s European members, since a large number of well trained vacation advisors are helping these members to plan and make the vacation of their dreams come true. Since the Club is taking over all the operations in Europe, the office is empowered to deal with each and every aspect of the membership: from making payments to planning a cruise, from checking for availability to booking an airplane ticket, from rolling over the unused holiday points to finding the ideal resorts to fit the member's wishes, this Service Center helps members make the best out of their Royal Holiday membership. By dealing with its members directly, Royal Holiday is closer to them, providing a more straightforward and personalized service.

Before servicing its members directly, Royal Holiday used to work through the valuable assistance of Nexus Leisure, a company that worked alongside Royal Holiday for many years and always provided a professional and efficient service. Royal Holiday wishes to thank Nexus for their support all these years, which was vital for the development of the company’s European business.

Royal Holiday is certain that this is only the beginning of a major expansion in Europe and another step in its commitment to provide world-class service to all of its members worldwide.

Royal Holiday
Vacations for Life
N  15th of Apr, 2012 by 
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The previous message: ... Nexus leisure... worked alongside Royal Holiday...

And by googling in net you can find that Nexus is a division of GLL (Greenwitch Leisure ltd.). Always another company involved...
N  21st of Apr, 2012 by 
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RHC took 14.000, 00 from my pockets for free. They can take it.. because what they are. Doesnt matter if its a crime or not... dont you guys get it? Its a game.
N  21st of Apr, 2012 by 
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Sorry about that GLL... wasnt quite correct this time. Just made a mistake. And the previous thread was meant to totally different place as a respond to another complaint---

But its a game ---- I hope you guys notice those tricks used in this. If no one can do nothing to get justice in this must be 'mafia' behind :). That'd explain to me their behaviour ----
N  21st of Apr, 2012 by 
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But to even say loud these--- no one shouldnt be doing it. Or ofcourse these tricks can also be copied f.e. from mafia 'they' seem to use in this... high interest rates... just forcing people.. to pay... methods 'they' used to got you into this... you just start to see the picture.

And because they do nothing in my case - isnt that obvious that its nothing but a scam anyway to all of us? Its not just about 'RHC' .

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