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Route 22 Nissan / stay away

1 United States
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This place is totally unprofessional. I thought I purchased a vehicle...Had the vehicle for 6 weeks...Realized I never received a payment so I called to ask the manager...I Asked him what was wrong and he say you need to come in. I work I’m busy I asked him to fax it to my house the contract cause a new bank took the deal. He assumed since he messed up I would just give him more money cause I was so In love with this car... Not happening...I tried to work it out with Felix and MARK...Felix finds it hard to return a call, but sure can sell you a car...Zero follow up. Mark a nice guy but promises return calls and nothing happens. The general manager, or the guy that looks like he sits behind his desk and eats twinkees all day doesn’t have a clue what’s going on in is establishment. His mommy must own the business ... Called him three times and you got it not one return call. Then after I have the car and they want it back...He calls all tough guy. He must have had a sugar rush from all those twinkess the way he yelled as if I was his kid... Needless to say I returned there car and he says he will not give me a refund... But I stopped my credit card and ill see him in court if need be. He wrote a contract gave me a car with a price. He wants to change the price and isn’t willing to treat a customer with respect. I called 50 times and no return calls. Then he wants em to stop what I’m doing that day because he wants his car back... Well he has it 2, 500 miles later. What a shame I would have keep the car if they just treated a customer like a customer...I’m not a child I don’t need to be force fed... Hopefully he will get from behind his desk and stop eating twinkess and see what’s going on in his establishment. Needless to say I have a brand new 2008 Ford edge that’s nicer, vice sync sirus and much more. Less money and rides better... So it all works out ...Hope he works on his anger, all that weight and anger = Heart attack. Good luck stay away from Nissan Route 22 Hillside.


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