Roto Rooter / over priced/rip offs/poor work!

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called roto rooter because water was backing into the house from the toilet and tub! when tech shows up he tells me my main line is clogged and he needs to snake it. ok no big deal right? WRONG! he tells me it will be $225.00 to snake it and an extra $125.00 to dig the hole to get to the pipe. i ended up digging the hole to save myself $125.00 and he snaked it about 85-90 feet out cleared the clog and set me up with an appointment the following tuesday to have a camera run through the pipe and see what was going on. tuesday came around and the camera guy never showed up and 4 days later the pipe clogs back up! so i call roto rooter about 12pm on a sunday they tell me a tech will be out in an hour..doesnt show until 4pm! as soon as he gets there he tells me he's going to come back in the morning because it was drizziling and he didnt want to get him or his machine wet!!? i convince him to stick around a minute to see if the drizzle stops and it did 5 minutes later. 25 minutes later he tells me he ran his snake out twice 100 feet both times and couldnt clear the clog! the next day the camera man finally shows up to run the camera and of course couldnt see anything because the pipe is filled with water. he tells me i need my whole main line replaced and gives me an estimate of $5000.00 (yes thats 5 thousand dollars)! so the next day i went to home depot and rented a snake for $52.00 and ran the snake out 85 or 90 ft and i hit the clog!! after 5 minutes of toying with it i got the clog out and water is draining fine and havent had a problem since! THANK GOD! but do yourself a favor and stay away from ROTO ROOTER!!

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  • Ej
      Nov 17, 2011

    if u ever call a plumbing company and they dont give u the price over the phone..hang up.. i am a plumber and these guys(roto rooter) are out to make money however they can.. not saying where i live, I work for roto rooter and my boss told me the other day that if a customer cant afford to pay for a sewer replacement, get this...I SHOULD TELL THEM TO GET A LOAN FROM A BANK...un real.. i have been doing plumbing for over 12 years, and the way these guys do business is outta control..I have never in my whole career seen some of the things that these guys do.. been with them for just 3 months..had no other options but am trying so hard to get somewhere else..they docked me 200. dollars this week because a customer didnt want to pay their price.. 3 times they have done this..they suck..worst plumbing company ever...

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  • An
      Feb 13, 2012

    I'm also employed with a plumbing company and have never heard of an honest contractor performing a diagnosis over the phone. Please ask yourself this. When you have an ache or pain, is it common for your doctor to diagnose and quote you a price over the phone? Contractors quoting a price via radio ads and or over the phone know this; By "Low- balling" or "Putting the foot in the door, " a customer is surely going to bite if the $99.00s sounds great! This type of unethical practise gives all plumbers a bad name. Now once this contractor is at your door, he's already made it to second base. Its up to you if your going to allow him that home run invoice he wants you to sign. To make a long story short, obtain 3 estimates from contractors who provide "No obligation" estimates. And remember this; Contractors factor many things into a price. Ask lots of questions. And yes, prices for parts can be up to a 400% mark up of the wholesaler price.

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