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Two months ago our plumbing backed up. We called Roto Rooter to clear the line. Although we had a guarantee, Roto Rooter tried to charge us. Two days ago, our plumbing backed up again. Roto Rooter came out and supposedly cleared the line. We asked how much to scope the line. They said $99. We said no thanks. They offered to do it free. When they scoped the line, the scope could not clear the line they had supposedly cleared only two days ago. Eventually it pushed through. The person who scoped the line said there were a few small roots in the line, and that their solution would be to put in a new additional cleanout in the yard for $3800. We said no thanks. This morning our plumbing backed up again. Roto Rooter said they'd be charging us because of the few small roots they had found in the line, adding that they were not going to guarantee their work from only two days ago because of these few small roots.

Don't waste your money. These people are con artists.

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  • De
      8th of Feb, 2009
    Roto Rooter - two pumbers for one job?
    Roto Rooter
    United States

    Complaint: About Roto Rooter,

    Call them to repair a leaking tube facet. Plumber came out showed it to him said he need to disassemble it would cost $304.00 thought it had to be done so told him to go ahead he went to work it took about 45 minutes said he rebuilt the insides seemed to be the washers he replaced took $30.00 off for a senior citizens discount for my mother plumber also said original parts were old and would only hold up about two years and would need to replace. Next day noticed still had a slight drip so called them back because at $274 thought it should not leak at all…
    They sent another plumber out he said the leak was minor but if we wanted he could change the hole knob section out and that would make it like new again while concerting that he asked if I had any other leaks about and found one under the kitchen sink said he could change it for $10 buck told him to do it but the sink trap was striped so then adding a new trap the price went to $25 this was later taken off the amount of the bill while he was doing that I ask him how much would the main job be said he would charge $85 plus what the parts would be around $85 told me if I went to get the parts it would make it cheaper if I had a camera take a photo to bring with me “I did have a camera on hand to do that !” but, then he said he would get the parts for me and he would get his camera. So, he went to get them came back still he did not know if he had the right parts or not and it turned out to be the wrong ones he said. made another trip got the right one’s this time said the part were old and hard to come by and cost more than anticipated therefore the amount would be more money did not say how much? This plumber was here for 4 hours and ended up being a total of $299.17 charged to me. But what he said at the beginning of this story is he would take the fee from the other plumber that came the prior day which was the fee of $274.00 if he did that why? was that not included in his amount of the bill to me do not understand why I got charged the same amount of money by the first guy when he did less then half the work and halfass, then the second guy who did the job but charged more then he said he would and may have taken the other plumbers fee seems there’s a rip off there to me?

    Follow Up On Complaint About Roto Rooter ;

    Called billing department spoke to customer service rep ask for billing number after finding both bills she said the first guy only charged me for labor but if this is so he was only here about 45 mins she said at the end of the conversation that the labor is $55 an hour so if only labor was charge then he overly charged me by $219 dollars even if he went in to the second hour and add anther $55 to that he still over charged me $164 so I still see a ripe off there!
    She also said other plumber charged only for parts and he was here 4 hours and fixed a possible leak under the kitchen sink what he told me was he would take the other guy’s fee seems that would make up for the labor at $55 an hour at 4 hours is $220 even thought she said there was no labor how did the parts cost that much even thought they were old and hard to get? He charged me $299.17 plus if ? He got the other guy’s
    Fee then he got his labor it would seem off me in a round about way. $574.17 total.
    Seem the service rep just wanted to get me off the phone…

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  • Ja
      29th of Jul, 2009
    Roto Rooter - They are dishonest and overrated
    Roto Rooter
    United States

    I called Roto Rooter for plumbing help with unclogging a drain. They refused to give me an estimate over the phone. When they arrived, they performed the service which took less than 15 minutes. They then proceeded to charge me $350. I have since gotten estimates over the phone from other plumbers who said their rates ranged from $85 to $120. When I called Roto Rooter Corporate, they did nothing to fix the problem and claimed that $350 was a perfectly acceptable rate. DO NOT use them - they are dishonest and overrated!

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  • Ma
      21st of Jan, 2010
    Roto Rooter - fake $25 gift cards
    Roto rooter
    United States

    Used roto rooter over a year ago. After this they sent out a $25 gift card for future use. In october of 09 I had a leaky pipe under a bathroom sink. I called them to fix it. At the time I mentioned the gift certificate and was told it could be used. The day of the repair after being presented a bill for 173.88 I presented the gift card. At this time the plumber looked befuddled and said he needed to go back to his truck. He returned with a bill showing the same bottom line. The labor went up from $159 to 184 then the $25 gift card was netted out leaving me with the exact same bill $173.88. Of course I wasn't going to argue with the plumber in my home. I paid the bill and called the office. Of course they were all apologetic but I have been chasing this $25 for exactly 3 monthes now. I have been repeatedly lied to by them stating that a check was coming from the home office. This round and round has occured no less then 3 times with messages being left stating that the "check is in the mail". They are nothing more then a bunch of liars. DO NOT USE ROTO ROOTER. Amazing to me that they would risk their reputation for $25. Of course you might ask why the $25 is so important to me. Its called principle!!!

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  • Sc
      7th of Jul, 2010
    Roto Rooter - not standing behind there work and over looking problems
    North Carolina
    United States

    we have delt with roto rooter for 25 years, earlier this year we called because our kitchen sink was clogged.They replaced some under the sink pipes and fed a snake in the line. This cause the snake to create a new hole in the pipe at the boot end that they had done before. we did not know this, we had been feeding water into our craw space for the past 6 months. after fighting with the flys and the smell I found the problem. I called my local roter rooter and had set up for them to correct the problem. after 3 hours trying to get the work approved they finely left and said I had to get approved for credit in order for them to fix the pipe. He had to have up front money to preform the work. so I spend another night with the smell and. This work is farmed out to anyone willing to do the work. I don't speek spanish and there for the work isn't done, I probley should have ask for his green card. I did call another plumber and they said they would be here in the morning to fix our problems, no questions ask. I suggest calling dan King

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  • Ja
      28th of Sep, 2010
    Roto Rooter - No trust
    Roto Rooter
    United States

    1 1/2yrs ago: toilet backing up, called some random plumbing company with reasonable prices to deal with it. The man came with shoddy equipment, snaking for two hours accomplishing nothing.

    $140 for nothing.

    Next, we call Roto Rooter, tell them about the first guy. They rush right over with a hydro-jet, blast those pipes, and viola! Clear flushing toilets! They now have our trust!

    Fast forward about a year and a half...same problem, obviously roots (both companies said so). We automatically call Roto Rooter.

    This time we get a guy reeking of alcohol who drags in the same equipment as the first company from a year and a half ago, snakes for 30 minutes, says it's not going to work, my pipes are collapsed, and maybe we could get our insurance company to pay for the "definitely over $1000" work (says he'll pad the bill and kick us back our deductible) and gives us his cell phone number. No sign of the hydro-jet, which could easily have been attempted in the remaining half-hour we had paid for.

    We call and complain. Response? Sure we can come back and try the hydro-jet, but you'll have to pay for another visit. Acccckkkk!

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  • Ak
      20th of Nov, 2010

    apparently you do not speak english either.your spelling is at best poor.roto rooter is a national company that background checks, mvr checks, drug tests etc...i assure you that if they are working for roto rooter then they are legal to work in the u.s.a..are you douchebag?

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  • Ak
      20th of Nov, 2010

    you are a complete [censor].#1 you get prices before any work begins.i can call around after you do ANYTHING for me and find it cheaper, always.#2 you agreed to the amount before they proceeded to FIX OR UNSTOP THE LINE WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU ASKED THEM TO DO!!!#3 there is no "PROBLEM" for roto rooter corporate to correct since fortunately they are not responsible for you being a dumb [censor], that's apparently genetic...people like you with a victim mentality make me sick.YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU.NOT ME, NOT YOUR FAMILY, NOT ROTO ROOTER, ONLY YOU.GROW UP TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.maybe someone in town could have done the same job with insurance, licenses, knowledge, a lower price, but it CERTAINLY is not roto rooter's fault that you did not check

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  • Dr
      4th of Jan, 2011
    Roto Rooter - Horrible customer service
    Roto Rooter
    United States

    We attempted to schedule an appointment with Roto-Rooter and they had no availability after 5 pm for those of us that work. I settled for a "sometime" in the morning appointment the next day, where they would call me and I'd have 30 min. to get to the house.

    Waited all morning and then they called at 11:30 AM after I had freed my entire morning for them, and I wasn't able to make it, because isn't 12:00 PM the afternoon? They agreed to call us in the afternoon and when they called at 3:00 PM, we were home by 3:20 and passed the Roto-Rooter truck leaving our house! We honked and flagged him down and then when he got out of the truck he was so rude that we asked him to leave! He mumbled something about "you weren't there the first time we called you". Am I not the customer? Especially in a bad economy I shouldn't feel like I am inconveniencing the plumber.

    Also, when we called Roto-rooter to complain, the manager hung up on us!

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  • Le
      8th of Mar, 2011
    Roto Rooter - Couldn't understand drain cleaner at all
    Roto Rooter
    United States

    I live in the Worcester region of Massachusetts. I had a toilet that wouldn't flush. Called my regular plumber, he told me he was unable to make it to my house for two days. He told me to call Roto Rooter which came out that day.

    The drain cleaner showed up about three hours after my call which was perfect. Once he came in my house it was just impossible to understand him once I started asking him questions. I was asking him about the online coupon I printed and he told the price of $189.00 already gave me either a senior discount or the coupon but I can't have both. Asked him how does 10% senior discount and a $40.00 coupon equal the same price?

    He was getting very defensive with me. I let it go and allowed him to do the work, when you want a working toilet you'll pay. Then the guy couldn't get the toilet flushing, told me that I need a new toilet this ones broken. I'm not a plumber but how does a toilet just get broken? Ask for a price. Told me parts and labor would be $650.00. I needed to sit down with that one. I can't pay that so I'll wait for my plumber to come and figure out whats going on.

    The DC was very upset that I wouldn't pull the trigger to do the work. He started talking so fast and sloppy it felt like the room was spinning. Asked him to slow down he's speech so I can understand him and he lost it even more with me.

    Why would a large company like this one send or even hire people who need to come into your home and talk to you about the job? I'm not racist or against anybody working for a living, whoever learn the English language please. I'm to old to learn a new one now in my life. I guess when you do call make sure you ask for a English speaking drain cleaner.

    I will call Roto Rooter again just will make sure I ask for a different DC

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