Roto Rooter / Price & Equipment

MI, United States

Residential house drain needed blockage cleaned out. Called Roto Rooter at about noon. Wasn't told how many down the list I was. Didn't arrive until after 5:00. Worked for a bit over an hour, and told me he went in 105 feet, which was the limit of his equipment, and couldn't clear the block. He called for a pressure water jet truck for the next day, and cut my $308 bill to $180. What a bargain. Next day, the pressure water jet truck showed with a camera. Cleared the line easily. No roots, just buildup plus what the first truck loosened. Charge was another $550, for a total of $730 for a simple blockage that actually flowed, but very slowly. It turned out that it did not need the force of a pressure jet, only a mechanical router that would actually reach the city line. City sewer easement is on the other side of the street, so line distance from cleanout access to city line is about 140 feet. Trucks apparently don't carry that cable length. This is old residential. Submitted a survey complaint online to Roto Rooter, which was of course ignored. Talk about severely gouged because they don’t carry the equipment to handle residential lot sizes, and they don't tell you that when they see the location, either, of course.

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