Roto Rooter / Lousy Customer Service

Sunnyvale, CA, United States

I had a bad experience with this supposedly-reputable company. First, the idiot I spoke with over the phone when I first made the call, kept getting my address & phone-number wrong, even though I corrected her three times. Then she said the "technician" was in the area and "would be right out." 20 minutes later, I called back to ask how much longer it would take, at which time I was told it would take another hour. After an hour went by, I called back AGAIN (I still received no call from these people, because the idiot still got my phone-number wrong), and this time, was told that it would take an additional 45 minutes before the guy could come out. By that time, it would have been over 2 hours since the initial call; in which case, that's what I should have been told in the first place, but I wasn't. To compound the problem, the idiot I spoke with on the phone kept interrupting me and talking over me, despite my repeated requests for her to stop doing that and to deal with the problem. She continued to interrupt and argue with me, at which point I terminated the call. Overall, I would rate this company as having the WORST customer "service" I have ever experienced in my entire life.


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