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What a SCAM this business is. They came over to my house for 4 days strait trying to fix my water pressure problem in my showers. They told me that I had bad cartridges in all of my showers. They then told me it was going to cost 500.00 per shower to fix this problem and the reason it was so expensive is because we have Kholer showers and the parts are very expensive. So I agreed to fix 2 showers out of my 4 because my family was desperate for a shower (We just moved into the house)...the first day they came (there was always 2 of them trying to figure it out) one of the men was trying to upsell me on a water softener because he was sure that hard water was the problem(without even looking at the shower) I told him no, no and no 3 more times. So after 4 days of them dancing around the problem, they fixed my kids shower, but was still working on the shower in our master bathroom and told me that they couldn't fix the pressure in the master shower because there was blockage in the pipes in the wall and that they are going to have to rip out the wall to get to the problem ( an 1800.00 fix)...I told them that I wasnt going to rip out my wall just because they have a theory. I told them to just leave and I would figure it out on my own, and they said that's fine and I would just need to pay for the part they "purchased" for that shower. Afer they left I went into the shower they had been working on for so many days without a successful fix and turned the water on and there was still no pressure. I then looked up and noticed that the Mr. Rooter guys had failed to see that the shower head was in the off position and all that was needed was for them to turn it counter clockwise to the on position. (These clowns were going to rip out my wall to fix the water pressure problem when it was the shower head?!)...Where do these Jerks get their training? The second part of the scam is when they told me the price of the Kholer part. Kholer has a lifetime warranty on all their parts and will replace them free of charge. So Mr. Rooter charges you an arm and a leg for these parts just to get the part for free from the manufacturer? If you want to be ripped off then by all means hire these people!? Also, I'd like to meantion this is a brand new home, which means everything is brand new! UNBELIEVABLE!

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  • Al
      Apr 27, 2010

    I wakedup in the morning to find our main sewer line was cloaked up, i watched Undercover Boss last week and though to myself, the CEO is such a nice guy, Roto-Rooter cant be that bad... well, i was wrong, i called in and got a appointment for a free consultation, what a waste of time. Jose from Mexico came and asked me where the main acess to the sewer line is outside the house, i played stupid standing right next to it telling him i dont know anything about plumming. So Jose inspected the house from all sides and under telling me i have no connector outside, so he needs to dig up the front to place a connector, $1100, nice, after i told him thats too expensive Jose, he said he could acess it from teh roof vent, for only $419. Well, after he finished i had him write that all down, onle finished i took him outside and showed him teh acess point to the sewer, he kind of looked stupid asking me what the *** i am thinking setting him up. I told him to wait. I went into my house taking the old Rifle i have hanging in teh living room, not loaded and disabled. You havent see a plummer running that fast ever.

    So yeah, bottom line, Roto Rooter is consistent of a buncha thiefs who will rip off grandma and anyone who is stupid enough to believe they are here to help.

    I am from Germany, over there we handle things different, this company would not survive a week over there.

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  • Da
      Oct 13, 2010

    My renters called them to clear a basement drain line because I was out of state. They came out after refusing to give a quote and then claimed to be pulling dirt and root from the sewer line. They said they could also do the repair and sent out an estimator with a camera. He claimed the line was broken where it left the house and additionally at the tap under the city's street. He also called the city inspector without my permission and somehow convinced him that I must repair it and the road to prevent a wash out and sink hole. Their quote was $15, 000 to replace my entiresewer line, about a quarter of the value of the house. I drove 11hrs to see for myself and listen to his urgent high pressure sales pitch. Then I called another company who only did cleaning and camera's only. It was really only broken by roots outside the house and I called an honest plumber/excavator to do the repair for $3, 000. Don't succumb to their blatant rip off because of urgency, that's what they bank on.

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  • Ak
      Nov 18, 2010

    if i had been the service tech and your foreign german ### had brought out a rifle on me(1st of all since you germans know absolutely nothing about firearms having lost both world wars)(regardless of whither or not it is loaded or doesnt work or not you always assume that it does work)after playing your stupid game then the local police, sheriffs dept and any other law enforcement group i could call would have been there and because you invited me in your home i would have filed charges on you german ###.are you a citizen?no one cares what the ### people in europe do, only you douche bag europeans.besides if germany is so great what the hell are you doing in my country, LEAVE!!!

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  • Fe
      Jun 19, 2011

    We had toilet leak and called RotoRooter, the technician showed up. He immediately gave us a card for the emergency water restoration company name and number, he even dialed the number from his cell number. (I bet he gets a commission from the water restoration company)

    He charged a service charge and disappeared. He repeatedly told us to call the water restoration company! They still have not fixed the problem and we have customer service on the phone for more than an hour and they are playing games. We still have watr pouring from the toilet and no technician! I cannot believe the service these people provide.

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  • Ej
      Nov 17, 2011

    hey, it's not just mr. rooter.. it's..roto rooter as well..they mark up the parts they sell you by doubling it and then adding 10 percent well as the local sales tax..

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  • Ej
      Nov 17, 2011

    yes, they do get commision from that.. even here in our town.. they do the same thing... the guys arent even plumbers.. they're salesman

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  • Pl
      Dec 02, 2011


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