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Mr. Rooter located at 11122 E. 47th Ave., Denver, CO 80239 was called by our daughter to our home because of water dripping into the front entryway light fixture. They arrived over an hour later and the dripping had stopped. This was not an emergency.

They asked our daughter, who has no knowledge of plumbing or drywall, if they could open the ceiling beneath the tub to find the leak and she said yes. They proceeded to take their hammers and rip two gaping, ragged holes undermining the drywall in the surrounding areas (extensive damage).

The proper method is to cut holes with a sheetrock saw to minimize damage.

In my opinion they took advantage of our daughter's lack of knowledge of plumbing and drywall and were completely unprofessional.

The cost of plumbing repairs: $195.00. The cost of drywall repairs:up to $400.00 for a grand total of $595.00.

The owner has been contacted several times and adheres to her plumbers having done nothing wrong, paraphrasing, "I'm not losing money over this." She also asked if they had to give our daughter an IQ test. Insulting and unprofessional.

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  • Yo
      Feb 09, 2011

    When dealing with a water leak the biggest issue is not always the leak. For example, if the leak was caused by a running toilet there is no plumbing work to be done. HOWEVER, you do need to remove all drywall that was water damaged or you risk mold and then you will have a repair bill in the thousands.

    So if you go with the idea that "The proper method is to cut holes with a sheetrock saw to minimize damage." then you are most likely going to be paying for a mold removal bill in the near future and that would be significantly more than the 595$ you paid.

    The proper method is to remove all wet and damaged drywall. You can do it with whatever you like, but after you remove the wet drywall you need to then replace the drywall and it is recommended to spray the area with a mold ###ant chemical to reduce the chance of mold growth.

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  • Ro
      Jul 03, 2011

    My question is: Why is the artical and complaint under Roto Rooter, and not Mr Rooter The above complaint clearly states Mr Rooter was called out, as a Roto - Rooter Plumbing Franchise owner, i take this kind of thing personal, and if you are fileing a complaint please get your facts straight befor you set yourself up for a slander suite.

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