Rooms Unlimited / funds unreturned

2066 Route112, Medford, NY, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 631 289 9500

I paid in full for 6 dining chairs, sofa, love seat and chair on Sept.26, 2010, approximately more than $4000.00.Our first delivery of the dining chairs arrived 3 days later and the remaining furniture was supposed to be delivered in 12 weeks around Christmas time.Unfortunately, the remaining order was never delivered and, inspite of multiple phonecalls and personal visits to the store we never received the remaining furniture.Finally, after an agonizing wait of 8 months, we decided to cancel our order on May 30th of 2011.We were initially promised that the remaining sum of $3700.00 will be refunded within a week's time, but untill today, we have not been refunded.This is again after multiple phonecalls and personal visits to the store manager who always promises us that the above sum will returned very soon.I am now very desperate and writing to you with the hope that you will kindly intervene and help me in resolving this crisis.Your help will be deeply appreciated.Thank you.Toni Abrar

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