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On Friday, July 22, 2011, we went to a few different stores to look for a new matress. Our last stop was Rooms to Go. The saleman, Jimmy, showed us around to different matresses and gave us the features and benefits of all. He showed us the Simmons St. Andrew king matress that had a special, buy the matress and get a 40 inch TV for $1800. We told him we did not know if the 40 inch would fit in our current bedroom furniture. He informed us that we would get a gift card to Best Buy, and if we needed to get a smaller one it was up to us. We could use the rest of the gift card for whatever else we wanted from Best Buy. We told him we would be back on Saturday if we decided to go with that matress. We returned on Saturday, and immediately went over to the bed to try it out again. The sign with the 40 inch tv was still there, and all was good. We found Jimmy, and told him we wanted to purchase the matress. He walks over to the bed, and proceeds to tell us that all matresses get the 32 inch!! What??? We asked to speak to a manager because this seemed a bit odd to us. The manager, Scott Penn, was extremely rude. Told us they had sold out of 40 inch tvs (who, best buy??), and we had a choice and did not have to buy our matress from RTG. When I explained what we had been told the day before, he said he did not care. He actually told us the giftcard was the same whether it was a 32 inch or 40 inch, which does not make any sense...he flat out lied. We were very professional and not being rude or loud (which we could have done), and he just walked away from us mid conversation without doing anything. Not even an apology for not providing what they advertised!! Basically, we think it is a the old bait and switch tactic. This is not the first that I have heard of this happening at RTG. My sister apparently had a similar situation happen to her with her couch. Had I known, I would not have gone there!! We will report this to our Attorney General as well as BBB as this is an illegal tactic (our attorney is already looking into some other items as well...since I have a picture of the promotion!). Yeah, I took a picture to remember the name of the bed etc, so yeah, I have proof. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM ROOMS TO GO!!!

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      Jun 25, 2011

    I went to City Auto Wholesale's website and looked thru their inventory and found several appealing cars and suvs. Called 'Jake' at the number listed and filled out the credit ap over the phone so I could be pre-approved. The ap came back and Jake told me I was approved for a $12000 loan and interest rate under 10%. I also went into great detail on my current car, the amount owed, my current interest rate.. basically I thought we had everything ironed out over the phone. I drove to the car lot the next day and found the following:
    1. Most of the cars I found on their website we NOT at the lot. I saw maybe 5 that I recognized, but most of the cars were really junky and overpriced (but that's a typical used car lot).
    2. I found out 'Jake' doesn't technically work there.. he is a hired telemarketer, but he introduced himself as the finance manager of the company. Jake's job is to get you down there to buy a car! You will be told to ask for Jake, but you will deal with someone else.
    3. Although I applied over the phone, was approved and told I would receive an interest rate below 10%, the sales guy I had to deal with made me fill out the entire application again, he had to send it to a few banks for approval.. so I totally wasted all my time I spent on the phone with 'Jake' and was not given any of the guarantees I thought I had. ($12000 loan, low interest rate, negative equity from my current car mostly absorbed etc..) OH, and Jake told me to bring $200 cash with me for a small down payment, but the sales guy wanted more like $4000.

    Please don't waste your time here or the gas to drive out to this car lot. I would say this company is the same as any other used car lot.. They have just okay cars with high miles, hardcore salesmen and answer all your questions with more questions. The only difference is that they scam you over the phone FIRST.. OR, if you really want to check them out, just make the drive and do everything there with the actual salesman.. the part that upsets me the most is I was told a story first, then when I got there the story was different, and a few of the cars I wanted to see didn't exist!

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