Rooms to Gohorrible experience / buyer beware

We have had a horrific experience with Rooms To Go. We have never had such a horrible experience with any company as we have had with this company.
The store experience was wonderful. We loved the furniture we purchased. The sales experience was great. That is where that ended.
Upon the first delivery, tables were broken, lamps were missing and the sofa was a manual recline, not the power recline we asked for. Even though we thought that was a lot of issues to have with one order, we are understanding that sometimes things happen. And also would like to add that my veteran spent his Veterans Day waiting for furniture that was either incorrect, missing, and broken. So another date was set to bring missing, correct and tables that were not broken. No problem.
Second delivery was for the missing lamps. They were both sent BROKEN!! So another date was set for lamps that were Not broken.
Third delivery, they swapped out the broken table with a table that was not and swapped sofa for the power recline that we asked for in store. Only ONE lamp was sent to replace our TWO Broken lamps.
Fourth delivery, FINALLY our living room set was complete with not broken, missing or incorrect items. We could finally enjoy the furniture we ordered and spent good money on.
In between the time of second delivery to the last we contacted Rooms To Go "customer department" that was another nightmare within it self. Oh the empty and awful "sorry"s we received. It was the worst. When I asked for a supervisor in customer service I was denied several times with attitude from the customer service rep.
We thought the nightmare was over. No! We were HIGHLY mistaken. Today we received an invoice for more money. From the store. $212. I called customer service, no record of it. Called the store the manager, Mickey Croutch, informed me that we "upgraded" our sofa to power recline during delivery and that we owe the difference. No, we DID NOT "upgrade". We wanted the CORRECT sofa for which we picked out and agreed upon with the sales associate. He only kept arguing with me and that we did not agree upon that.
We are frankly amazed with the audacity that we were sent an invoice for more money for the sofa we originally asked for after all that we went through. At times I felt that we were treated by Rooms To Go as if it was OUR fault that this company has so many issues. We simply offered our business and our hard heard money to be treated as so beyond unfair and horrific.

Feb 17, 2015

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