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A few days ago it was my mother's birthday and I wanted to buy pizza for dinner. On the menu, it states that if it is your birthday, you get 20% off your purchase, so I brought my mother in to order as well. We ordered the special currently going on (one with 2 large +1 ice cream +1 coldrink) and a small magareita. We told the cashier it's my mother's birthday but she said can't give discount on specials. Then I asked if she could take the 20% of our magareita but she said that it costs R20 and then I will get a full discount so I can't take it. Though if she had taken it off the magareita, then I would have only got a R4 discount not the entire R20, because 20% of R20 is only R4. I understood that it cannot be taken off from specials, but it really should be written on the menu like that. The menu could say: 'Does not apply to specials'. I would have gotten a bigger discount if I had gotten 20% off.

To be honest, you guys have totally lost your touch. Food not as great as before.

Nov 25, 2018

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