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poor service

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On may 26, 2010 I purchased 2 ball joints mevotect mk9643 from www.rockauto.com and I installed them on my 2000 honda accord. Shortly after the ball joints were installed, I noticed that the ball joint boots were falling off. I then ordered another pair of ball joints from www.rockauto.com on aug 2, 2010. On october 11 I had my car by my mechanic and had him change the ball joints. While the car was on the lift, I gave the 2 new ball joints to the worker, and he told me that the boots were cracked on the new ball joints. I then purchased a pair of ball joints from the local supply shop. I now have 4 defective mevotech ball joints which I paid for, plus shipping, and I had to pay my mechanic twice to change them.in addition I had to pay for the two ball joints from the local supply shop.

I do order from rockauto.com because they offer a better price on most items. I have placed already 18 orders. Out of the 18 orders I had problems with 6. That is 1 out of 3 orders. Usually rockauto.com is able to reach a satisfying silution. But in this case, I feel I should not have to pay not a penny, when I have recieved 4 defective parts, whether it was within 30 days, or 60 days.

That is 1 out of 3 orders bad. Beware when ordering. I do not mind ordering items for myself, but for my friends, I let them order from more reliable places. So far rockauto has resolved all the issues, except this time I should not have to pay a penny for this problem.

Rockauto.com offered to refund me for the items, but I would have to pay the return shipping, and I would not get my original shipping refunded. Here is where I draw the line rockauto, and I wanted people to know what they may go through.
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A  5th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
I have to agree with your assessment of Rock Auto. I think they sell old, returned, and incomplete parts. Maybe that is why they are cheaper than most. They've shipped me a bad radiator, replacement radiator was missing parts, and they charged me shipping to return the defective radiator. They've shipped me parts which were unpackaged, opened box, and wheel covers missing 8 of 10 plastic mounting nuts, which are part of the assembly. They refused to make good on the missing plastic mounting nuts, and that will be the last time I use RockAuto.
A  15th of Nov, 2013 by    +1 Votes
The same thing is happen to me; they have shipped a TPS sensor and in the box is a wrong part. I will not return the items
because I have to pay shiping charge two time.
N  17th of Apr, 2015 by    -1 Votes
Next time take your car to a professional, pay once, get it done right, & get a warranty. I own a shop & see cheap people always trying to save money by acting like they know about cars because they read something on the misinformation highway & suddenly are experts on vehicle maintenance & repair. I friend of mine's father owned a shop when we were in high school & had a sign on the wall behind his service counter that said "The quality of poor workmanship & parts remains long after the sweetness of the low price is forgotten!" The original ball joints on a 2000 Honda Accord last an average of 80 to 100k miles, the list price for them is $27.18 at the Honda Dealer, so what did you save? Problem here is consumer doesn't know, not Rock Auto's fault.
D  28th of Aug, 2015 by    0 Votes
I am a return customer of RockAuto and I have been pleased with getting the parts I wanted at a great price. Delivery has always been very good as well. Up until today I had only seen the good side of this operation when it comes to delivery of the goods. Last week I ordered a number of things for my 2007 Explorer (which is registered at Autorock). I had selected the parts I wanted and was in the process of checking out when a message came up that wanted to know if I wanted to take advantage of a deal on wiper blades (overstock or some story) . I did indeed need new wiper blades so I said great.. The wiper blades delivered yesterday via Fed X from England. The story gets ugly here. I started to install the wiper blades on my vehicle and realized that the new blades were about 2 inches shorter than the ones on the vehicle. I then went to the box and learned that these wipers were for a Ford Escort with right hand drive ( this apparently means the steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car). My next step was to review the Autorock documents and found that these 2 wiper blades cost me another $26 for Shipping.. It dawned on me that something was wrong.

I was unable to try to correct this on the usual web based Autorock site so I finally found a real number to call and got Eric. I explained the situation and that I had already paid $35 for a set of $10 wipers. I explained that I would never have purchased the wipers if I had known this would be the result. Eric in his own arrogant way explained to me that I had made a mistake and that the selection window showed an English flag and that was where they came from. It also showed that the wipers were for a right hand driven vehicle. I noted that yes there was a blue square and that I had never put my cursor over it until today, but I never focused on this because it was not shown with the "special" offer as I was checking out. The "offer "had selected the wipers based on my registered vehicle it was not like I went shopping again. Eric did tell me that I could return the two wiper blades to him but that I would have to pay the shipping. I told Eric that I already had $36 in a $10 set of wiper blades that I could not use. He held fast on that it was my fault. I let him know I was not happy and that I felt I should not have to pay for this mistake. I called my credit card company and explained the story. The are notifying RockAuto that they will deduct the disputed amount.

It has been a great place to purchase from until today. I am not sure I want to continue purchasing here in the future.
N  28th of Apr, 2016 by    +1 Votes
THERE A JOKE! SCAM SCAM SCAM. I bought tie rod ends for my Nissan truck. They sent not once or twice but three times. Sets that didn't match. Finally on the last delivery the cs rep says well it looks like were out of those now. I said wow I got 6 tie-rod ends and none match. Ya'll sent me so many 6 different parts. Well the cs rep said well... those are probably old stock that could be returns or a closed store?

Gave a refund. And said keep parts. WTF does this do. Still gotta fix truck.

Now two years later. I tried again. Order a starter for Nissan truck. Well website shows Mitsubishi starter. Well they sent a made in CHINA knockoff, Got sh*tty from the get go on returning it. Keep saying it will work and there not at fault for sending a substitute.

D  27th of Nov, 2016 by    0 Votes
RockAuto.KKK screwed me on shipping, tried to blame FedEx. Customer service (ironic title) was rude, manager was worse. Package NEVER delivered, payment cleared Paypal. RockAuto issued stop delivery to someone, but sent my order number by mistake to FedEx, then charged me shipping. RockAuto then held the part 10 days for "inspection", if there was damage it would be between RockAuto and Fedex, since it was never delivered. I got the info from Fedex to clear up the issue, but to date RockAuto refuses to take the info. The credit to my Paypal was then another 5 days. Note to Max and Zack(?) turn mic OFF if you are going to talk trash about your customer, also DeLoach is not even a "Mexican" name, if you are going to be a racist at least be an informed one. No one of Hispanic decent or Color should give a dime to enrich these racists.
A  15th of Feb, 2017 by    0 Votes
Rock Auto is awful. Customer service is rude, disrespectful, and obviously (this particular agent) has a problem dealing with WHITE women. Yes I used race. This man was awful. Couldn't answer basic questions, kept referring me to online videos, and kept answering questions with non-answers. Doesn't care if he's costing his company business. Won't transfer the call to another agent or manager. Hangs up instead. I won't deal with Rock Auto again. NOT worth the little bit of money saved. And yes, he was black. Admitted it and verified white women are stupid.
N  24th of Feb, 2017 by    0 Votes
I'm a former RockAuto employee and I assure you that your problem and their unwillingness to assist you is standard operating procedure. The RockAuto catalog is chock full of errors so you stand a good chance of receiving the wrong part, even if you order correctly, according to their catalog. The customer service staff is young (20's) and often working their first job out of college. They have no automotive knowledge and, if presented two parts, side by side, couldn't tell a ball joint from a tie rod but all of them are earning more than $100, 000 annually. Because they are so well compensated, they figure they must be smarter than the customer and this attitude comes through in all customer interactions. They think they're smarter than you. Incidentally, RockAuto owns no warehouses. They don't own a single part. They rely on independent warehouses to fill their orders; RockAuto is just a middleman. RockAuto management understands that they treat customers poorly but, with the number of folks ordering online, they simply don't have to care about the individual. By making it nearly impossible to refund or exchange an item, they got your money and...there will always be another customer in the queue...
A  14th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
Hello All! I been a RockAuto loyal customer for almost 10 years always buying parts on their website. I bought an oil filter for my car for $13.68. It's been little bit over an year. I usually change oil in my car once a year. I was very disturbed and upset when lady from their company who was nice and another very rude guy (customer service) again when I called back telling me I can't give your money back because over an year. I understand because over an year old. I am upset because you sent me the wrong oil filter for my car. My technician was about to install it and he realize this was the wrong oil filter you sent me. This could have hurt my engine & caused major damage for my $140k SL Mercedes AMG car.

I can understand if I bought the part and it was the right part you sold on their website then I can understand don't give me a refund but they sold me the wrong part and I told customer service person you still have the wrong part on your website at that time. When I talked to the customer service they said they will take that part out of the system.

I told them to refund my money $13.68 + shipping for the wrong part you sent me. It will be ashamed loosing a value customer for over $13.68 + shipping. My frustration with RockAuto.

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