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My name is William Mmela. I bought couches in collonade (Montana) in December 2015 and they had warranty as well as guarantee. So in October 2016 i noticed something unusual on the two seater sofa, I reported to the store and they asked me to send them pictures which I did and they made arrangements to come pick up the couch for repair and promised is going to take 21 working days. 21 days passed I called (tebogo selomo) asking how far and he said he will investigate and let me know about the progress. Two weeks went by and I received a call saying the couch is ready to be delivered, we arranged a date for delivery no delivery was made on the agreed date, two days after that I got a call saying the warehouse burnt down with my couch inside. And he is sorry about that, so my question to him was why my couch was not delivered on the agreed date and two days after that the warehouse burn, there was no answer he just told me I will have to wait till the following year 2017 for my couch to be made because they don't have them anymore, and he will keep me posted. Today I am writing this message, no one ever called to tell me what's going on.

How much longer must I wait for my couch?I paid for it but I don't have it. My request now is come get the rest of the couches and give my money back, I will go look at other stores. I cannot sit with two couches whereas I paid for three.

Please come get them, I don't want them anymore in my house.

Disappointed and angry

William Mmela

Jan 24, 2017

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