Rochester Furniture / cambridge chair

South Gate, South Africa

I am so disappointed at the service that was given to me and my husband by Rochester in Southgate. We bought a set of chairs and told the guy that we will be moving to a new place and we paid for the chairs in cash and left them with them, which they agreed, after two months they phoned and told us to come fetch the chairs and the table because they are doing a stock taking and when we fetched the chairs we did explain that we have not moved, we will only move the following year.

So when we got to our new house, we open the chairs, the one chair was on display when we bought it, the one chair was missing a leg and we took the chair to the shop and they said they will check and see if they find the leg and if not they will take the chair to the factory for the leg to be made. We gave them our contact details not even once we were given feedback.

I have been phoning them every week asking what is happening and they tell me we are still checking, today when I phone and tell them am coming to fetch the chair between Friday and Saturday, then I spoke to Gerald and he tells me there is nothing he can help me with and I have to come and fetch the chair.

It’s now a month later, I get told that I must fetch it and find someone to make the leg for me. I really do not appreciate that.

Sep 21, 2017

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