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Luis Riu, President and CEO
Carmen Riu and Luis Riu, Jr.

Dear all,

I hope this finds you well. I am writing to report an incident happened in one of your hotels, which made me feel very disappointed.

My boyfriend and I stayed at the Riu Cancun (Cancun – MX) in the room 209 from 10/12 to 10/21/12 and I had my Iphone stolen from the room. We kept all our belongings (cell phone, laptop and cameras) locked inside the safe every day, however, the only day I left it opened because we left in a hurry for the Chichen Itza tour, it was taken from inside the safe. I spent the whole day remembering that I had left the safe open, but, at the same time, trying to convince myself that there wouldn’t be any problems ... After all, we were in a "5 stars" hotel.

Once we arrived back at hotel around 8 PM, there was a warning "do not disturb" on the bedroom door, it had not been organized and my iPhone was no longer there. At the same time, we advised the reception and two guards came to the room. They searched everything: bags, closets, looked under furniture to ensure that the phone wasn’t really there. As they did not found it, they made us lots of questions and said they would conduct an investigation.

The next day we were informed that the hotel staff (maid and minibar) is instructed to not clean and not fill the minibar if they come into a room where the safe is open and that they must put the sign on the door. In our case, it was the maid who reported the safe open, but the person who supplies the minibar had already passed through the room. Only two people entered the room and nothing was done by the hotel management!! They only said that they were interrogated and, obviously, said they didn’t take the phone. Whoever has stolen is still working there.
Moreover, we had to hear phrases like "your phone was supposedly stolen" or "we do not know if it was actually stolen or if you lost it, " implying that I might be lying.

Several times I said I had used my phone with the assistant Paola at the front desk of the hotel and they could check the lobby cameras and see that I really had my cell phone when I checked in at the hotel.

I am writing this email because I am still extremely disappointed with the stealing – I’ve chosen the hotel carefully, researched many in Cancun. Besides fun, our intention was also to relax and enjoy the hotel, but how can this happen if there is no security inside the rooms? My Iphone was not in the pool, in the restaurant or lobby where there are several people all the time. He was inside the room, where only two people entered! And I am shocked with the fact that there are no cameras in the hallways and elevators, and the hotel receives an extremely high number of guests every day.

I am looking forward to know what are the procedures to solve this kind of matters. I've sent an email to '[protected]' as Mr. Miguel Perez (Riu Cancun Subdirector) oriented us, but I haven't received any answer at all.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Maria Rita

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      Jan 29, 2013

    dont expect an answer, trust me...i stayed there last october also and i STILL have not gotten any response from them. Even after threatening to get a lawyer because in addition to making me pay for defective furniture that was not my fault that it broke, they threatened to take our passports away so we could not leave the resort if we did not agree to pay for the chair.

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      Jan 29, 2013

    dont expect a response from those a**holes. they threatened to take our passports from us if we did not pay for a defective piece of furniture that broke in our room during our stay. Even after i threatened legal action, they kept claiming it must have been a language barrier, and since i paid the charge that it was an admission of responsibility and there was nothing they could do. the thing they completely glossed over was that we were threatened with having our passports taken away. they had security follow us out and one of them tried to snatch my purse to look for my passport. they backed off after i screamed and yelled and caught the attention of customers checking in.

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