Rite Aid / prescription shortages.

Toledo, OH, United States
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On more than one occasion, my prescriptions have been short. I just returned from the Rite Aid on 1012 W. Sylvania Ave. Toledo, Ohio. Once again my script was short. This time by ten pills. The first time this happened, I called and was pretty much blown off and accused of possibly taking them myself. Now I can understand that this does happen. But Not In My case! I was so upset by the response of the person that I spoke to on that instance that I had my Husband call. As it turned out, the person who made the accusation had not even taken the time to check the stock at the store. The situation at that time was remedied.
I am the one that stands to lose all of my scripts and possibly my Doctor. When I am called to have them counted by my Dr. And I am short, there are no second chances when dealing with Pain Management. They have heard it all before. I can not risk this. So when I call and report that I am 10 pills short on my Tramadol script, the Pharmacist (Chris) tells me that I should have had them counted right here because it has happened in the past. He stated that he can see in my file that it has occurred. He said it in a manner as if to say that I am the problem. I can count! I learned in grade school. I should be able to trust my pharmacist and not have to spot check them! So Once again I am made to feel like I have done something wrong. Had he checked the file or previous situation in the past, He would have, depending on what was logged, found that the fault was not my own. The person at that time failed to count the stock and lied to me about it. It took another Pharmacist to do it and call back and apologize.
My family and I have been loyal customers for at least 15 years. I do not deserve to be made to feel as if I am a drug addict or liar who is desperate for an extra 10 pills. I am however, responsible for the count to my Doctor. If by chance the stores count is correct, and I have repeatedly counted my script. Then you folks have a problem. Some where along the line, some one is manipulating something. I know that before this continues, I will find another Pharmacy. I would prefer not to have to do this.

Shelly Gantka
Loyal Customer

Jun 23, 2017

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