Rite Aid Main Street Lewiston Maine / unethical behavior

Lewiston, ME, United States

On October 30 2017 the Manger was really rude yelling a yelling at us because we parked in the parking lot to go to Dunkin donuts to get a coffee when I came out my brother had pulled into the parking lot because Dunkin donuts was having construction in the drive thru and the parking spaces were taken there so went into rite aid parking lot to go get our coffee and the manger continuously opened the door at rite aid telling us we couldn't park there she has done this more then once she acts like we r doing something wrong and we wasn't . I am a customer at rite aid once a month to fill persrptions and buy other things for my home and get my mom's perscriptions she went out of her way to keep telling us to leave or she would have us towed don't know what we did wrong but she shouldn't be chasing ppl from the parking lot when we we not even there for 2 minutes I would like something done about. It or I will let other ppl know how rude the manger is there and take their business to CVS because noone should be treated that way . To me that is harrassment and not called for and we were having a hurricane that morning up here in Lewiston Maine . I've been a customer there for 25 yrs and know I don't even want to go back how my brother and I were treated like kids and I am 49 and my brother is 50 and we were bothering noone please do something about her or u will loose a lot of customers she pretty much chaces ppl off for no reason

Oct 30, 2017

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