Rite Aid / 2 rude pharmacists, and a 3rd more pleasant

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On January 25th at approx 4 p.m. in the Rite-Aid store on Pitman Street in Providence RI, I experienced an unpleasant situation with two of your pharmacists. It was a dreadful day of almost monsoon conditions, and I had a prescription for Lipitor that I was picking up.

A young black female pharmacist got the prescription for me and asked for $45. I had a new Lipitor discount card from my doctor and she pointed out to me that it required that I had to call it in to register it. I went out to my car to use my cellphone and learned that the new card was not necessary, that my 2009 discount (which they've had on record since last year) was still in tact, and that they had been extended to 2011.

When I returned with this information, this woman avoided me, but a very sweet young woman took care of it and told me I was still on record for the discount. (I did not need the new card I'd picked up, at this point). This latter woman told me the co-pay was $30. The black woman had asked for $45 earlier.

As I stood waiting for the latter woman's research, a riled customer came up to another window and complained someone had rolled her eyes at her and she wanted to bypass her. I looked around, saw nobody else, and assumed she was talking about me. When she walked away, I asked the black woman pharmacist had the woman been referring to me, because if she was, I was going apologize if I'd given her that impression. The pharmacist sarcastically assured me that it was not me she had been talking about.

What my annoyance with this is that another pharmacist sitting at the end of the area asked the black woman what I had said, and she scowled as the black woman turned her back to me and muttered something critical.

Call me paranoid, but the whole situation struck me as very unprofessional and catty. Ordinarily, I don't give credence to such behavior, but this is about the fourth time I have experienced rudeness from your employees in this store. I do about $4, 000 worth of business a year in the store, and I am offended by the lack of respect for the customers. I also have been charged full price for advertised on-sale items at least a half dozen times. When this was Brooks Pharmacy, it was run more efficiently and the quality of personnel was much more superior.

I am fed up with their treatment of customers and will be taking my business elsewhere.

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  • Ak
      17th of Mar, 2010

    I totally agree with you and you should transfer all your prescriptions to either walgreens or CVS as Rite Aid might a history in near future

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  • Je
      12th of Feb, 2012

    yes i do agree with the comments coz i m been facing this situation like more than that coustomer coz its the only drug store near my house bt i hate being direspected now

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