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I was verbally assaulted by a Rite Aid cashier on the evening of 08/14/2010 at store # 1430 in Belpre Ohio.
A few minutes after I walked into the store with my coupon basket, Edna, who was hanging price tags, looked at me & said "Oh no. Are you going to have a 'buttload' of coupons?" I told her that I would be using just a few coupons that night. She walked away & left me thinking that she was annoyed over my coupon use. I continued to shop & take my time gathering items for two transactions. I got out the coupons I would need, & laid them in two piles. As I began to place my first transaction on the counter, Edna stated that "We have a new policy. You need to show me every item & every coupon before I ring anything up." I laid out each item, showed her the coupon I intended to use for each item, & then I laid each coupon on it's corresponding item. I then showed her my $5 off $25 Rite Aid coupon & asked that she be sure to scan that one before any other coupons. She did, but in the middle of the transaction, she glanced over at the coupons for my next transaction & said, "I can't let you use that other $5 off $25 coupon because this one says one per customer." I said "That's not correct. Rite Aid policy allows me to use multiples, as long as they're in separate transactions." I then showed her the coupon & that it was completely different.
I decided to step back & let other customers go ahead of me, so I could get out my Rite Aid coupon policy & find the section that states customers can use more than one total purchase coupon. I tried to show it to her & she said that she couldn't use mine, only the one in the store. I said to her "Could you get it? I'm sure it must be the same as mine since it's off of" That's when she lost it.
Edna began to get loud & shrill & started yelling at me that SHE knows the policy & then two other cashiers, Doletta & a young blonde with no uniform or nametag, came over to see what was going on. Edna stated to me that they all got a memo & she got yelled at about coupons & that HER copy was at home. I asked her if there was a copy that stays at the store & she said, "Of course." I said "Can you please get it." Doletta listened to Edna yelling at me, & then Doletta told me the same thing as Edna & that they weren't going to get the policy & I said "It doesn't make sense that I can earn three different Video Values coupons for $5 off $25 if I can only ever use one." All this time, Edna is SCREAMING at me. She said the policy was different now. I said "I know. I have a copy of the changes." The only other witness in the store is Edna's husband, who walked in & went behind the counter at first. Then all three began telling me how wrong I was & I asked them to call the district manager. They said "It's almost 9 o'clock on a Saturday & we're not calling him." I said that I would be making a complaint about this the first chance I got & then they REALLY lost it! Edna yelled even louder about how Roxanne no longer worked there because I had sent a complaint about her, which is not entirely true. I read her name tag aloud, then Doletta's, & I asked the girl who was not wearing one what her name was. She held up empty hands & said "I guess I don't have one (a name)." She was my cashier on my prior shopping trip. Her cashier number is [protected].See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Belpre, OH
At this point, with Edna yelling & blonde girl talking, I barely heard Doletta when she said "Are you going to leave?" I said "Yes, but I have this other stuff to buy." Doletta picked up the phone, & I thought she was calling the District Manager to ask about the coupon. I was shocked when I heard her telling the POLICE that she told me several times to leave & I had refused & they couldn't get me out. COMPLETE LIE!
I said (loudly enough to be overheard on the phone) "That's not true. This is the first time anyone said to leave." After she hung up, I overheard blonde girl quietly say to Doletta "If she forgets to leave the other stuff, we'll get her for shoplifting, too." Of course, I was completely flustered, but never forgot that I still had things in my cart. I went to the register near the front & started putting the unpaid things on the counter. Doletta said "You can't buy those things NOW. There's no cash drawer in this register." I told her "I know that. I'm NOT buying this stuff." I had to stand & wait for Edna to unlock the door. As I was leaving & she closed the door, she called me a "Stupid ###ing ###."
I waited a few minutes in my car for the police, but they never showed up, so I left.
I somehow managed to keep my temper through all of this & did not utter one single curse word. I feel abused & assaulted. Naturally, I don't want to go where people are so hostile to me. I am treated very well at CVS & Walgreens & would rather spend my money there if things don't change at Rite Aid # 1430.
Abusive behavior from cashiers seems to be a pattern at store #1430. A few weeks ago, after I had sent an email about not getting my Up+ rewards, another cashier refused to wait on me & take my coupons, although the manager told her she had to. The manager had to wait on me because the other woman still refused. The woman proceeded to tell me that I'm a cheater for using coupons & that I was taking money out of her paycheck & I was "cheating" because my transaction ended up costing me much less after coupons. I stated that that didn't make sense, because Rite Aid chooses to have sale items that are free after Single Check Rebates & takes coupons for those items. She stated that people like me are the reason that R.A.'s revenues were down & that corporate could choose to close down her store, & she'd lose her job & in turn, her paycheck. My thinking is that if I no longer wish to go there, & prefer to take my business elsewhere due to her personal attack & if I were to complain to corporate, that is a far more likely reason for her to lose her job. I considered sending an email complaint & it still eats at me when I think about it, but so far I tried to chalk it up to everyone has a bad day.
A few days after that incident, the cashier # [protected] waited on me. I came in for a couple 12 packs of soda & had no coupons. She did not greet me. She didn't tell me my total. She didn't tell me how much my change was. In fact, she refused to speak one single word to me.
I have spent over $500 on general merchandise at Rite Aid, just since signing up for the Wellness + card in May 2010 (It's mid-August 2010). When I spend that kind of money in that time period at one store chain, I think that entitles me to be treated decently. I don't know if anything could make me go back now. I love getting good deals, but not at this cost.

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  • Ch
      Sep 16, 2010

    You need to call corporate and complain. I've gone through similar situations and have been rewarded. These women should be terminated. In fact I've had a situation with some rite aid cashiers and using B1G1 free coupons. I've emailed corporate and today I'm going to call corporate. Tell them you want some sort of incentive to come back to the store again. You need to call the manager and make a complaint. Then, tell them that you will be calling the district manager about this. NO one should be treated like this!!!

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  • Ki
      Sep 23, 2010

    oh, you know there are three sides to every story. Her side, their side, and the truth. This is my guess; this women goes in there on a regular basis on her way home from work, which is close to closing time. She has a handful of coupons, and the employees groan when they see her cause they've been on their feet all day listening to ### customers and getting paid minimum wage, they just want to get out of there, and here comes the coupon lady. I challenge ANYONE to tell me she is not one of those ANNOYING coupon ladies, cause she carries around a store policy with her. Who does that?????

    So she gets offended that they groaned at her, so she's got attitude. The cashier has attitude, too. Not one person screamed at another person, nobody called the cops, and nobody threated to "get" anybody for shoplifting. I imagine one of the cashiers probably muttered "stupid ###ing ###" as this customer was walking out the door. As for the coupon, ### happens Sometimes the coupons don't work the way you want them to. Get over it and move on. So go to CVS and abuse their coupons now. Nobody's going to miss you and not making any money on the crazy coupon lady.

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  • Ch
      Feb 23, 2011

    Don't be ignorant! So what if we use coupons. GO right ahead and pay full price for your groceries. I've been paid to shop many times. I understand being tired and working a job that you probably hate. But, it's not okay for them to treat you like that or anyone for that matter! My question is, why do you care? Did you know the store makes money off of couponers? We are most of there business. They don't want to lose a valuable customer. Oh, and how are we ABUSING coupons????? Think before you post, ###!

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  • Sa
      Jul 29, 2011

    my grandma has worked at rite aid sence before i was born, my mom also wored there at one point. i know all the women yo just named in this, the blonde may have been one of my best friends, ashley. i know for a fact that none of these ladies would purposly start anything like this.. i believe there is more to the story that you did not put on here. edna is probablythe nicest woman you will ever meet, i love her to death, along with roxanne who is aslo a very nice woman. i am not saying that none of this is true but this person had to of done something to start all of this.

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  • Gr
      Sep 15, 2011

    I am sure that there was a lot more that happened that was not mentioned.

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  • Bj
      Nov 27, 2011

    If you are not afraid to write a complaint and use their names, why did you not sign yours? The store already knows who you are. Are you afraid to let others know? As long as you are telling the truth you should have nothing to hide. Unless maybe others would recognise
    your name and be able to place a behavior to who you are.

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  • Ha
      Aug 01, 2012

    Rite Aid cashiers are KNOWN to fuss about couponers.

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