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My daughter subscribed to a free trial offer from Rhapsody music when she received her first MP3 player, Christmas of 2008. She couldn't load any songs on to her player, so she never used the service (she thought she had cancelled the service during the trial period). Not realizing that we were paying for a service that was not being used, we saw the monthly charges to our account for more than a year. Rhapsody never sent any communications, electronic or otherwise, so my daughter was unaware that the account was active. When we finally realized what was happening, we contacted the credit card company to dispute the charges and cancel the service. The credit card company instructed us to contact Rhapsody to cancel the account and request a refund for the time allowed (120 days). After 3 lengthy, extremely frustrating phone conversations, we were informed that, since we had contacted the bank first, instead of coming directly to Rhapsody, our account was locked and they couldn't refund us any money. The bank/credit card company informed us that the dispute issue was closed according to their records, and we were to inform Rhapsody that they would not refuse a reversal of charges. (The "your account is locked" was a deception that I pointed out to them -- they tried to make it seen that the bank was preventing them from reversing charges.)

Rhapsody has a spiteful and dishonest policy, and customer care is further damaged by having to deal with ineffective and clueless workers in another country -- it was often hard to understand the employees.

I see at this site, that complaints against Rhapsody are numerous.

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  • Dp
      26th of Apr, 2010

    Let us take look at this issue and why you seem to think someone else should be responsible for you or your daughter's miss management of there accounts.
    The glaring admission that you saw your account (probably credit card) was charged for over a year.
    So what happen to the first month you saw the charge on the card. Oh wait you didn't look at the bill, ignored it, or simply did not teach your daughter the responsibility of reviewing her bills. Either way I believe this had nothing do with company yet the lack of responsibility on you and your daughter.
    I have been using Rhapsody for years and music match before it was Rhapsody and had no issues because anytime I sign up for an online account that requires a credit card I review every month to ensure everything is correct.
    I will agree about the foreign support or outsourcing support to other countires. More jobs shipped over sea even if by wire.

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  • Ja
      15th of May, 2010

    As I have discovered, extra tracks means less than original album and maybe
    one other unidentifiable track so, I want a full copy of my purchased albums With or without the so called extra crap. So, I expect one of these options: Complete albums or complete refund, one or the other, ether would satisfy me, however neither will not so you decide do you want a battle on your hands or not. Most of my downloads were of the Doors however those that were not came off without a hitch. When I say unidentifiable, it wasn't on the original album and that is my main interest, the original album.

    Disgruntled Client
    Ben Polinger

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  • Re
      16th of Dec, 2010

    In legal land these type of agreements are called "Tied sales agreement/contracts." Since they are small amount and given that virtually all of the consumer protection laws in the U.S. have been shut off these companies can run rampant and o what they want to do. I avoid them like the plague. I publish a vacation/travel newletter with 20K subscribes and I tell them to stay clear of firms like Rhapsody.

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  • Db
      2nd of Jan, 2012

    Try cancelling a subscription to Rhapsody before you blame it on the consumer.
    after 3 phone calls to customer service and talking to people you could barely understand and emails from them telling you that subscription was cancelled and money would be credited back to bank account and wasn't for over a month and a half. They even tried telling me my banking info was wrong, And it wasn't. I finally fired off an email to the company threatening them with filing a complaint to the Attorney General. Money was back in my bank account the next morning.

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