Resolved Napsterfraudulent credit card charges

Chase fraud department called to inquire if I charged $1 on Napster, which I did not. Seems this is such a popular site to test stolen credit cards, Chase has to call their customers to verify. Any reputable business would implement their own security procedures.


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    kathymaxwell Jan 13, 2009

    The first week of January 2009 I had fraudulent 1.00 Napster "pending" charges suddenly appear on 4 different credit cards (3 Mastercard and 1 Visa - from different lenders). Within 48 hours additional "pending" charges began to appear also in small amounts from NY Times Digital and Continental Air Direct, followed by an attempt to charge more than $2500.00 to Continental (this charge was denied my my credit card company only because the account was linked as a debit card and there was not enough cash in the account). It seems that the Napster and NY Times Digital charges were random test attempts to see if a credit card number would work. I called and cancelled each card. I write this as a warning to others that if you see fraudulent Napster charges pending on your account within days or even hours your card may be used fraudently in much larger amounts. These theives are very sly. The initial one dollar Napster charges were just "pending" and never were completed so they would never appear on a written statement. They are even difficult to see online (if you log into your accounts as I do) because they remain pending for just a few days then vanish. I have looked around online to see if this has happened to anyone else and it seems to be happening to many others and has been going on for quite some time. My credit card companies were very gracious and cancelled my card numbers and issued new numbers for each affected account. This is nice, but it would be better if I could see this happening without having to log into my credit card accounts. An optional email notice every time a card is used would be nice (some cards offer optional email notices but only 0n transactions over 1.00 and these theives must know that because each test attempt was for just 1.00 avoiding those email notices). I am going to write a letter to each affected credit card company asking that they offer optional email notices for EVERY credit card transaction. Now I must log into every credit card account daily just to check for fraud and changing numbers is a real pain. I am also doing s0me research to see if the affected cards had been used at any one place in common. If I am able to determine were the numbers were initially leaked from I will come back and post more information.

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    rileybreed Feb 04, 2009

    I am interested in finding out where the information was leaked from, have you had any progress on that?
    I had my card company call me and tell me there were these charges and asked if I put them on, which I didn't They promptly canceled the card and are sending me a new one. Will I still be vulnerable with this new card if the place that got my old number was just using a random number generator?

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    TKS Feb 08, 2009

    I just had the same thing happen to me on 6 Feb 2009 on my platinum Mastercard. The odd thing though is that the charge was for $1.45 at Napster UK. I'm not a music downloader, and even if I were, I would not use the UK site. I did the currency conversion and that comes to about 1 British pound. This looks like the classic "test charge." I called my bank, but they told me to wait two days until the transaction is posted. I then have the option of disputing the charge and waiting for more trouble or close the account and get a new card card issued. I will go with the last option.

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    Jake Feb 09, 2009

    Wow TKS You and I alike on Feb 6 2009 my Bank issued Visa ATM card was fraudulently Authorized for $1 threw Napster LLC. New York. This has caused me nothing but utter trouble now i cannot even use my ATM. I had the bank destroy it and issue me a new one i have not yet received. I am still waiting for the police department to issue me a final report number to get the bank to refund my $1. So much trouble this is and Napster should be shut off it is nothing more than a front for online thieves. My bank contacted me less than an hour after the fraudulent authorization that napster seems to think they can now keep. They tried to do another authorization too but it failed as the card was closed already. These ### need to get the plug pulled. Is there a petition anywhere going to get Napster to change their setup so people cant authorize so many card numbers?

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    Mark in TX Feb 12, 2009

    I get chraged something like $12.95 /mo on my Amex and have to dispute the charge everytime. Amex should have a way to block charged from the rip-off artists like Napster, Ez Grant Source, and Houdia Water who charge (and even deliver merchandise to) people who don't do business with them.

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    Bill Feb 20, 2009

    I logged into my online account tonight and noticed a 1.00 charge from napster llc and a .50 charge from cmst corp pol act c. After googling napster llc charge and finding this thread i called my bank and had my card cancelled and they are issuing me a new one in 5 to 7 business days. Because the transactions are pending i have to wait till they post in 2 days on monday. Then i can call and start the dispute process. Meanwhile its a pain to get my money out. If i hadnt noticed till saturday afternoon i wouldnt have been able to touch my own money until monday. I wanted to thank you for the heads up ! It was a great help.

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    123mozart Sep 02, 2009

    My bank called this morning because they suspected fraudulent activity on my debit card.
    One 1.00 charge for Napster LLC
    Two charges for C28 @ $66.00 each plus a one dollar charge . I looked up C28 and they sell Christian merchandise. I did not place an order with C28.
    There was a third charge for $95.00 for FTD. I have not sent flowers to anyone.
    All of these charges were pending and my bank is removing them. I didn't have any problems with overdrafts. I am grateful my bank was suspcious and notified me.
    I don't know how anyone got my personal info.
    I am very careful. It can happen to anyone. Check your accounts daily !
    I will from now on !

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    miguel23 Jan 09, 2010

    man, napster really sux...I just had the same problem with this cockroaches, they charge me for some website that i dont even know what the hell it is. 60 dollars, we should do a revolution or somethin to make this ppl run out of business. they just giving out credit card information to other people to charge us the money..I dont think thats even legal...this is what the contract sais for the free trial membership...(it is possible that some financial institutions may perceive these requeste amounts as actual pending charges. there are no actual charges, houwever, and napster will not be responsible for any results, such as an overdraft fee to your account because of them)

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    melak Feb 01, 2010

    me la chopan !!!

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    Crapster Jan 07, 2011
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    I just purchased two Napster 25 song download cards from Bestbuy for a cost of 50 dollars and when I went to enter the Napster card # -it gave me an Error 709 popup, after an evening of re-entering these numbers, nothing.And their so called online support is of very little help .Bestbuy cannot reissue you other cards and will not give you a refund and Napster will comp you another service of theirs equal to the price you paid but no money back .I feel like I GOT ROBBED BY NAPSTER !Do not buy these they are a rip off, with no way to get your money back. Also from what I gathered is Bestbuy must have bought Napster ??.Terrible customer service a sure way to kill a business, maybe they'll just change their name like Comcast.

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