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RHAPSODY monthly unlimited offer is a SCAM and so is their cancellation policy.
RHAPSODY purposely makes it difficult for you to cancel your membership to increase the amount of billings they can make. I consider this service unreputable for this reason. Why would a service not allow you to cancel your membership in the same fashion that it used to start your membership. To start my membership all I had to do was provide my information online and presto I had an online with account that I could cancel my membership at any time. When I did decide to cancel my membership because it was misrepresented as a flat fee for music downloads, which in turn was a flat fee for downloads that you COULD NOT KEEP unless you kept the monthly membership active, I found that the only way to cancel was to wait until their hours of operation and CALL and talk to a representative. This INCONVENIENT method of cancellation of course was not presented when you sign up. The representative by the way could not speak English and I have yet to see my cancellation completed. Since there is nothing more than a phone call, I have no documentation trail to prove of the request so they just keep charging me. I am now having to call my credit card company in order to have the charges refused because they will not stop charging me.

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  • Tj
      Jun 29, 2009

    I completely agree that you should be able to cancel the service online--the same way that you signed up; however, I fail to see how anyone who read the terms on the Rhapsody website could think that they can keep unlimited downloads for $12.99/month without a subscription.

    The Rhapsody website clearly states that if you cancel your subscription service the tracks that you listened to will no longer be available. The only way to own tracks is to purchase them from the rhapsody mp3 store.

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  • Sj
      Jun 02, 2010

    My 13 year old daughter bought a mp3 player and it had a 30 day free trail to rhapsody, the day she tryed rhapsody they charged my account $110.00. This is the biggest scam.

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  • Ma
      Jun 08, 2010

    Rhapsody just charged us almost 700.00 on a free trial. When I went on the site we had 2 memberships on the charge. I have yet to download the site itself. I called and they were no help. I am now having to go through our bank to fight this. Again, whoever got the 700.00 worth of music at my expense enjoys it. And Rhapsody, you must work on your customer service this is beyond poor. No doubt someone is using your Free trial as their benefit! By the way the money that was stolen from us, is what pays my physically disabled sons medication. See if you guys can sleep at night.

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  • Sc
      Dec 06, 2010

    I agree totally... this company misrepresents itself in that you think that you are getting a free trial only to learn that you are being charged. I was charged 200.00 on the first day (yesterday) of my free trial. Why do I need a free trial if I am willing to spend that amount on the first day of it? The terminology they use is meant to be misleading. They also changed me for 2 memberships when I don't even realize how so. They told me how I did it but I was just navigating though there services and had not selecting an obvious option for an additional membership. There response was basically "ah ha, got you"! Too bad, we don't give refunds. I am so mad!!! This really is the BIGGEST SCAM. I just cancelled and hope that I don't get the same problem. I am in the process of waiting for a call back from Rhapsody in hopes that these charges can be reversed but with the warning from the rep that it won't happen.

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  • Wi
      Mar 21, 2011


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  • Lo
      Jun 14, 2011

    What is Rhapsody's physical address or location or home company? I need this information to file a complaint with the attorny general office. Please email me at [protected]

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  • Sc
      Jun 14, 2011

    Yes, their advertising is very misleading considering that you only wanted to sign up for a free trial but got charged even though you did not actually consent to a purchase or had an idea that clicking on an obscure link was doing so. I had Rhapsody guide me through the process that one could take to make a purchase which still confirmed that I had not done so. I can't say that Rhapsody is knowingly charging you but there must be a glitch in their system that needs to be identified. I believe that this could not be happening to all but at times their system malfunctions and by clicking on particular links at that particular time, triggers a charge to your card. I would isolate these times to be right after you first sign up for the so called free trial. Nonetheless, that's their bad, not mine. One other thing though, they kept denying me the refund and my bank, Well Fargo, did not protect me. They assumed that I must have authorized the purchases since Rhapsody said so. IP addresses are associated with any and all internet connections including purchase transactions. Wells Fargo did not go that far in checking for an IP and denied my claim. I filed a dispute with Wells Fargo demanding that they step up their technology when it comes to internet purchase transactions. They seem to be oblivious to the fact that tracking purchases via an IP address is possible and is something that they should be doing anyway, but said that they would involve their IT department at that point.

    Nonetheless, the GOOD NEWS is that I submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and miraculously my full refund was approved by Rhapsody and a check was received in the mail promptly. I did address the IP address issue in my complaint but not sure if this was the determining factor. By the way, my BBB complaint submission was filed under “deceptive practices”. I suggest that you file with the Attorney General as I also did, and to no avail, but make sure that you file a claim with the BBB. The Attorney General’s initial response to me was that they do not investigate individual claims and will not do so with mine but they do take notice when an excessive amount of claims are being launched. So this can only be beneficial for everyone concerned at some point in time but does nothing for you now. Also, I cancelled the claim with Wells Fargo and never determined what they came up with but I suggest that you pursue the IP address issue with your banking institution as well. If the BBB does not resolve the issue in your case, the IP address could be the determining factor. I hope this helps.

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