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RGA Giorgio Armani Reportage / trust your instincts

1 United States Review updated:

Regarding the Armani Reportage Jackets... This just happened to me, yesterday, June 11th '08. I am pissed at myself for not trusting my instincts, having been conned twenty years ago and have avoided such things ever since...

He stopped me while driving his big, white, expensive SUV on 6th Avenue and 19th Street in Manhattan... wanting directions to the Lincoln Tunnel. He asked if I spoke Italian, which I do a little bit... (My downfall, his gain). I noticed that when he shook my hand, he held onto it longer than usual... like in a familiar fashion, but it felt like a red flag which I ignored.

Then, he said he just finished a month at the Jacob Javitz Center and was heading to the Airport and didn't want to pay the 20% taxes on the flight home. I told him I had no money, that all my money was going to my creative projects... but I still ended up going to my ATM (he came with me, which was another red flag, along with other things like... to get in the car to try them on "I don't need the advertising"). He even took a lighter to the leather (if it is even leather or perhaps fire #ant material — good for getting out of fires, at least! :) to demonstrate the quality of the leather.

He did the same 2 free, one for $500 (I ended up giving him $100)... but after he left I discovered there were only 2 not 3 in the Armani Reportage bag.

Before he we parted I asked him for his contact info, he gave me an Italian phone number (which I thought it was odd he had to copy it from his cell phone... I almost asked him "how long have you lived at your place in Italy?!" but I didn't).

I am really pissed, as I figured that at least I could sell them and make my money back or even a small profit, for my troubles... but then I ran into these sites and have discovered I have been had on some level. It still seems that the jackets are jackets and can be used... I do want to find out if they are real or not, etc... How do you know???

The bottom line is to keep it simple... Trust Your Instincts!

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  • An
      20th of Feb, 2009
    -1 Votes

    well, guess what, another sucker here for the same deal. It seems this Italian either gets around or has a lot of friends, this happened to me in Holland. Speaking a fair word of Italian I determined that at least his Italian history was correct, however this joke cost me €500, - Can't blame the guy, he played his game well and I should have read the markers, again, very friendly, asking directions, a story about coming form a fashion week and returning to Italy. Though the bargaining game seems to have changed, he started higher (€800) and ended low (well, I thought so at € 500, -) Well, all I can say is trust your instincts, people get lucky in life, but not this lucky. Well, if anyone want a good RGA Rip-Off coat, gimme a shout :P

  • Jo
      27th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I am really surprised with the skill that this man has to sell jackets and dresses. This came the day in Medellin Colombia 17 April 2009 at 2:30 pm, I ride in my car along the avenue of the village and to reach a traffic light, I feel like someone turned me pita to look to the right and a young Italian with an accent asks me the favor to help, I decided to be good hosts to one side and listen to the request of the couple in the comments that makes me who I worked with an Italian fashion company and now has a problem you have stolen everything you need to travel to Italy to please buy it for 900 Sample Us what you need to leave the country. Looking at the type of product I thought it was well made and agreed to help, because I also tested the candle on one of the jackets. Such was my surprise upon entering you will find the same stories had happened to other people in different countries to ours. Sometimes I get very angry with me and the other border have helped someone that was not deserved.

  • Jo
      9th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Yet another sucker, I just got taken for $340. I was approached by an elder Italian man today (June 9, 2009) who told me that he had just came from the Jacob Javitz Center and needed to get rid of 4 RGA Armani Jackets. That one alone sells for over $1, 200 and that if I bought one he’d give me the other 3 Free. He told me that he was looking to get rid of them because he didn’t want to pay the taxes and that they didn’t fit in his luggage, and that I looked like a really nice guy and he wanted to help a fellow Hispanic (which I’m not but I look Hispanic so okay).

    There were several red flags, but since the jackets looked real I was willing to listen. He showed me his car rental documents and Italian passport which were real, but I could have sworn the date stated 2006 and he said he had only been in the city for two weeks.

    I didn’t have much money to splurge on so I told the guy I didn’t want to insult him, and he asked what would be the best offer I would be able to provide. I said $300, and he said fine that he was willing to take it because he had to take a flight and he didn’t have the time to talk to another person.

    Then his story started contracting itself, and yet I still fell for the scam. He drove me to a Chase ATM and explained that he was very rich and would Western Union the money back to me (I thought to myself that this was weird). So I explained to the guy that he didn’t need to give me the money back because I was getting the jackets, but he insisted on obtaining my contact details. He said that he wanted to come back to visit me and I could visit him in Italy.

    When I came back with the money he began begging for another $100, then $50 when I refused and finally $40 which I agreed to. The contracting part was that when begging he stated that he needed the money for rent. I thought to myself that this is either a really good deal or a scam, but I was in his car and he had been so nice that I thought it would be rude of me to just walk away.

    The moment I got home I turn on the computer and read what others wrote confirmed it was a scam. Yet, when reading that a jacket had been removed from the bag of another poster, I ran to check my bag and yep there was only 3 (not 4 as he promised).

  • Ch
      18th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    same tthing here same story the whole nine but i did get his licence plate is there anything i can do if so e-mail me at and damn these guys are good !

  • Tu
      25th of Sep, 2009
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  • Vi
      28th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    OCT. 26TH 2009 Walking from the dentist a little Italian guy nice as pie, flying to Italy the whole 9 yards anyway 72nd st west end ave. ny ny $400.00 4 jackets, 1suit. It's awesome to read all of this I needed a good laugh after todays expense. I feel that this needs more public awareness I never heard of such a thing until today and I watch and work for the news dah. I shot myself to my computer typed in R.G.A. REPORTAGE and found you guys LOL. My wife is still shell shocked and I think I heard something about the couch.
    Well, this sure has opened my eyes but he will never take my spirit as a citizen I will still try to help the rite stanger but thanks I just don't need to buy anything from you.
    I'll do my best to report this to the news dept. and hopefuly it will spred like um buying the brooklyn bridge did. I'm now trying to sell them but I see I have competition.

  • Wh
      3rd of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes

    i was jus taken for by the same guy in a white lexus suv with out of state plates.. tellin me hes from italy and askin if i spoke italian i said no. he says i have 4 armani jackets i have to get rid of because he didnt wanna pay the taxes to bring them back to italy so he told me the jackets cost so much for each and wanted me to pay 800 for the four of them i told him i didnt have it he asked how much i had i told himm 200 and he said because ur italian urself ill sell them to you for 200.. this happened in the home depot parking lot in li off exit 40 of the lie... im goin to find this guy!!

  • St
      26th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    Happened to me today in Las Vegas for $230. I guess it's true, nice guys finish last...

  • Ed
      20th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I was approached by an "Italian" guy in New Orleans who claimed he had just wrapped up a fashion show at the Convention Center and was on his way back to Italy. He said he worked for Armani and wanted to get rid of some leather jackets and suits because the tax (35% he said) was so high to bring them back. He asked me for $900 for like 2 or three suits and a couple jackets, can't remember exactly. He also said he approached me because I looked like I wasn't someone who might rob him for his stuff, saying he was afraid to approach black folks. Anyhow, we finally got down to brass tax and I told him I had $200 dollars and he said I could take one suit and he'd throw in a "gift" of a leather jacket. I'm a big guy and he kept trying to get me to take suits that were too small. You'd figure someone who worked for Armani would know about how a suit should fit, especially an Italian since they are perhaps some of the most fashionable people as a group. I told him I'd go to the ATM to withdraw the money. On the way, I kept having this bad feeling when it occurred to me that I never once saw the name Armani anywhere on any of the clothing he was trying to sell. So I came back and told him my wife wasn't down for it and explained that she thought it was strange. I asked him to show me where it said Armani and he said REA stood for Reportage Emporio Armani. I told him I couldn't spare the $200 as it was all the money I had. I told him that as a Pastor, my pay came strictly from the offerings of the congregation. He started getting upset and I knew it was strange. We should he be upset if I don't want to buy his clothes? Came home and checked it out and am glad I didn't fall for it.

  • Je
      12th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Same thing just happened to me as I smoked a cig behind my office building. He went through the exact same Italian speel. Showed me his passport, the jackets, the lighter test, etc. As he was talking I googled "RGA, Armani" on my blackberry and clicked the link for this site. Did a little reading...told him I was not interested...than I believe he cussed me out in Italian and drove off. Site saved me some money so thanks.

  • Pl
      24th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    i just bought the jackets, the guy with a new white SUV asked me for direction, said that if i new any one from italy, and im portuguese and i noticed he spoke more then 4 diferent languages, he wanted to sell me 8 for 500 dolars and i told him lies saying that i only had 50 on me and i would take 2 for 50 or nothing, he should me some visa and the proofs of the flights; im from cape cod, massachusetts, and the jackets seem real, but looks like stolen jackets from italy, they are real expensive ive seen the price, they have some trafic going on, well i made a good deal, 50 dollars, i mean, on the stores one of the fake leathers jacket are 30-50, i had to real ones for 50, well i dont know if it was a bad thing

  • Br
      28th of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Two italian guys approached me in Guarulhos, the city of the internation airport of Sao Paulo, Brazil in june 26th. The older one, seems to be about 60 years old, showed the italian passport with the name Luigi Rinaldi. The history is the same as Tom described. I wonder if there are many people around the world using the same methods...

  • Pe
      5th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Just got scammed today, Clifton New jersey, Italian guy looking for a way to the air port. Fashion show at javits convention center etc... anyways 6 jackets for $400. The guy is the best scammer I have ever met.

  • Ls
      8th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Add another to the list! Same speel, same white SUV!

  • Mo
      24th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Another one today at Houston!!! white, short, blue eyes, wearing of course nice fake outfit, darn!!! well spoken, superpolite, wearing fine cologne, italian guy!!! suv grey this time; me and my wife were at a walgreens, I was waiting in the parking lot in my vehicle, then he parked next to me, smiled and asked me if a spoke spanish or italian cause I looked Hispanic to him. Well, same history Convention center, armani show, then I told him, "mi wife is about to come out from the store", then she comes, sees the items, wow!!! the funny part, we only had $200 in the bank, and he got $160 for 4 jackets "A-EMPORIO COLLEZIONE"" JAJAAJJA, and we noticed at home that it does not say anywhere " EMPORIO ARMANI COLLEZIONE""" but the good thing about this is that my wife closed the deal, and she got four jackets!!! now we have only 40 bucks in the bank for the coming week !!! if u want to help and be a good citizen, help us!!! jajajaajj, he even gave a business card with his email: Aldomanager@hotmail.IT an a phone # from italy. We were invited to call him whenever we went to italy!! the only wrong thing I noticed were his gross teeth from smoking. Right now we are laughing at ourselves, we though about getting 2000 for the four jackets!! We can stop laughing. So now, it's going to be frijoles and tortillas for the next ten days, so, if u r not ashamed, please do tell everyone u know about this scam and smile!!

  • Te
      11th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    Same scam Home Depot Austin, TX parking lot Sun Nov 7th 2010. Grey chevy mid-size suv rental, 2 Italians one older blue eyes, on passenger side. Driver young well dress with latest fashion( hustler of the deal) driver. Reportedly headed back to Houston Galleria area for Black Friday.

  • Be
      5th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Well about a month ago I got approached at a carwash. Same story some "Italian" guy asked if I spoke Italian, which I didnt then asked if I spoke Spanish since they are similar maybe we could understand each other. He had 3 jackets I forgot how much he said he paid for them but I think he said he would take $800 for them. Supposedly he would have to pay crazy export taxes. He then showed me passport, plane tickets, rental reciepts and then showed me a wad of cash. He said the money wasnt the thing he said he didnt want to pay the taxes. He then took out a lighter and put the flame to the leather to prove they are quality real leather. I told him that I dont carry cash. Where I work we get tips so I really had $40 on me. He said he normally didnt either and showed me a whole buch of credit cards in his wallet. I told him I couldnt spare that much money and I wasnt interested. He then said $400. I told him no that was still too much. He then asked how much could I spare. I told him $100 thinking he wouldn't take it and he would leave me alone. He then asked what I did for a living. which I gave him a vague answer, he's a stranger. He then said I looked like a honest hard working guy and he was gunna help me out. He said if I promised not to sell them and kept them for myself and/or family he would let me have them for $100. I had already planned to sell them and thought he's from Italy how would he know. I then thought I actually I'm only taking out $60 from my bank account. So really I was kinda only gunna pay $60 cause the $40 was tip money and I dont take that into account cause I consider it my extra fun spending money and I ussually spend it on "trash". I told him I'd have to withdraw from the bank inside the grocery store (H.E.B.) a block away. He then said here take the jackets with you "I trust you". So he went in his ride and followed me in mine. I went in, took out the money and met him at the front of the store. He took the money and then asked for directions to the airport. When I got home I looked up the brand Emporio Collezione to find out how much I could sell them for. I found out about the scam. I then thought to myself they still are nice jackets. I still didnt think $100/$60 was a bad deal. When I was initially looking at them I didnt think they were armani or anything I kinda thought they were some italian brand I hadnt heard of. I thought even regular crumby leather jacket is about $50 each. So if you reading this you probably got scammed. From what I can see everyone here posted after they got scammed. If only some news network do some kind of expose so that other people dont get scammed before its to late.

  • L1
      13th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Was approaced by an Italian guy in Brooklyn today needing directions to JFK airport. Funny thing is that he is from Sicily and so am I as we both spoke the same language. He told me that he is the manager for trade shows for Armani and invited me to his place in Milan if I ever would be back in Italy. We talked about Naples, Sorrento, Capri and so on...Very personable guy and when he said that he had a gift for me in his car I started to think, here we go again. I had been almost scammed like this years ago and backed out short of going to the ATM to help out another Italian with same MO.

    I was intrigued so I got out of my car and walked back to his mini-van with either Florida or GA plates. He was so happy that I was a fellow Sicilian that he wanted to GIVE me 4 of these Armani leather jackets. He went through the whole thing about duties and tariffs at JFK that he would rather give me the jackets than have to pay it. He never really showed me the jackets in that they were a gift that he was to give me. Who would look and scrutinize? He then showed me collared button shirts and neck ties in a box and told me that the box was $1000 and I should make him an offer for the shirts and ties. The jackets were still a gift. I told him $200 and he said that he needed at least $300 to buy souveniers for his family.

    He was very pleasant and convincing but there was so many holes in his story. I really wanted to believe him but having been approached years ago I was more experienced. This guy was good though. I am in sales and I think I learned a thing or 2 from him. He showed me his Italian drivers license, a gold Alitalia credit card or flier card and really made it convincing. He also confessed that he had gone to Atlantic City the day before and lost all his money so he tried the sympathy approach as well.

    One thing that really caught my attention was that in the back of his mini-van was a pink childs watch sitting on the seat while he performed his lighter on the leather test. Funny thing is that for 4 leather coats being in plastic and in a box you would expect the smell of leather to be pretty strong. There was none. If it was leather then it would be the buy of the century regardless of the name brand but pleather just doesn't cut it. The meeting was soon broken up when a tractor trailer could not turn since we were blocking his way. He pulled the car about 300 feet up and I, with the bag of "leather jackets" in the car had thoughts of just pulling away and taking off. I would have been far away by the time that he would have caught up to me but at the end they are cheap jackets and not worth getting into this mess over.

    In the end I just handed him the jackets and told him that I could not help. He told me that I am a real American now that I could not help him as I drove away. Now that I thnk of it I could have just pulled out one jacket from the bag and scammed the scammer. Again, not worth the trouble of having to throw it away but would have been nice to scrutinize. These guys are a real step up from the counterfeit Luis Vitton's on Canal St. Come to think of it he had a LV wallet sitting on his seat. I am sure that Georgio Armani would feel comfortable about that.

    In the end, makes for a good story and only cost me 20 minutes of my time.

  • Im
      6th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    OMG this just happen to me today I can't believe 3 jackets $200 the guys actual phone # is 914-338-6697 I'm in West Virginia but from New York I should know better he told me all of the above didnt expect this in my area since I'm the only one in my town that wear leather jackets he showed me a large sum of money so that tells you how good he was

  • Ti
      16th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    Look out i was at my tint shop tinting windows in tampa when a Italian man pulled up asking for directions, he had the same story with 6 nice jackets. He said money wasent the problome and showed me alot of cash, he told me to buy one for $400 and he would give me five for free i told him $200 for 6 but he was moving realy fast he said o.k and gave me 6 realy nice jackets for $200 but i said hold on and i pulled them out one by one and he only had five in the bags. i told him that there were only five then he gave me another one, so i got them for $33 each i will keep two and sell the other foure for $50 each and make my money back and have two free jackets, Man i feel like i made a good deal.

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