RetailMeNot / completing agreed upon merchant promo code

Concord, NH, United States

I aquire services through rmn for a dish network program. The product code vcd0018724559 which offered $500. 00 gift card and free hopper service etc. Now I received your end of $200.00 cash several contacts with rmn they stated it was a rogue add placed on its site? How can a rogue ad appear on your site? And more importantly your not going to offer what the ad states from your site. Dish states it is not their responsibility for the ad on your site.
I expect that you should honor that ad shouldn't you?
It seems that consumers have been going through hoops to get things that we signed up for.
I have emailed 22 times to trevor, etc other agents
I have emailed 11 times to dish
I have given a statement and forwarded documents to dish about your ad and reference number,
I have spent 5.2 hrs on the phone with them and have transcripts.

Feb 20, 2018

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