Reservationdesk.commotel reservation scam

S Oct 24, 2018

On October 21, 2018 I thought I was on the website for Qualiaty Inn as it showed a photo of the motel so I called the number listed and I told the person that answered that I needed a room for three nights, he took my information and came back an said that the reservation would be $87.20 a night which I agreed to. He then took my CC number and made my reservation. Upon completion of the reservation he gave me my reservation number. We hung up and then I immediately started to get text alerts of the charges on my credit card. One came in at $330.10, and three more for $12.99. I then called at [protected] or [protected] and told him the charges were way too much. He said that the extra charges were a service charge fee which I was never told about. I told him I wanted to cancel the reservation, which he did, but said that the charges on my CC could not be cancelled. I then called my CC company (Visa) and told them the story and the process to dispute the charges so they're in the process but I may have to wait a couple of weeks to find out if I will get my money back. I wish I'd have paid attention to the URL, and made sure it's the correct one for the motel, which I didn't do. Beware of companies like this one.

  • Updated by stevepaint · Oct 24, 2018

    I also called the Quality Inn to check on my reservation, and they never had a record of it.

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