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simple error is all easy fix

First I would like to state I love the tournaments at the Borgata Always. However I Played wonderful poker tournament at borgata sep 7th 2019 560 super suvivor event 5 . 1-19 paid $5000 and 2oth got $3455 .
Survivor tournaments are usually listed as 1st for all that survived save the left over which would be 20th
I Todd Saffron was listed as placing 18th which is incorrect and numbers given at random to make a line just for paprwork This effects rankings and poy points as well as stats. I wrote to hendon mob and they stated that the borgata would have to make changes since information comes from you. As stated before survivors list all full remaining as 1st and this is the common practice I listed at borgata. I am request that they look at information and see I am correct and change 1st 19 players to recording 1st in survivor and report that corrected to hendon mob and any other sites you report to Which should be a simple fix of an input error Thank you

Todd Saffron [protected]


Good Morning,

On Friday December 27, 2019 I attended the concert at the Event Center in hopes of seeing my favorite singers. I purchased 3 tickets in early December to see Tank, Robin Thick and Fantasia. I was excited to they were playing in AC as I missed them in NYC.

Long story short, only Fantasia performed. There was no announcement that she would be the only entertainment. I traveled 3 hour from the Bronx in Friday night traffic for a 1.5 hour show where only Fantasia performed. Then 2.5 hours back. Fantasia was awesome as usual but the experience was not what was advertised and not what I paid for.

This was my first time visiting the Borgata. While the venue is nice and intimate I am very disappointed. I would appreciate some type of credit for my purchase. I paid $45 in service fees alone on a total of $298 not to mention gas and tolls.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.

room cancellation

I am being charged for a room that we previously canceled. My wife and I (long time borgata customers) we planning a stay at the borgata on 25 sept. Plans were change to stay on 26th. We were unable to attend due to accident. Got charged for higher first room booking (180.00) when we did did not check in. What is going on? I called and said we would like to change room date, made every possible effort to check in and still get billed highest amount possible!!

I am very unhappy with this new management. I intend to challenge this charge with credit card company.

Richard E. Dender
Diana L. Dender

accessing the casino

Keep getting error message 502 bad gateway I have been trying to get on for four hours at least now but to no avail everyday I'm constantly getting disconnected and now this I deleted the app and reinstalled it I cleared my cache and cookies I reset the phone I even reset the router again to no avail I'm so disgusted right now maybe I should go to another casino this is just not right and I should not have to go through this I NEED HELP GETTING THIS ISSUE FIXED JAMES ONEILL


The representative typed in the wrong name and tried to blame me. My name is Toni-Ann why would I tell her my name is Bret? I'm a female not a male. She also lied to me about the room I was purchasing. The reservation was pure deception. I paid $500 for a very shabby room I could have taken my 500 and a suite at harrah's! Never will I ever stay here again!

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reservations androoms

Good evening my name. Is Dionisio Julian I am a DISABLED AMERICAN VETERAN, and I was celebrating our 29 wedding Anniversary. we made reservations for 10-19 / 10-23 told them I have a portable wheel chair all we were given were LIES AFTER LIES AFTER LIES After speaking with Jessica We were PROMISED the grande room never got. LIE#1 called to confirm, room is waiting for you. LIE#2 called the day of checking in which was fri 10/19 to let them know we're getting off work very late and we have a late check in. I politely asked them not to give away our room. LIE#3 Upon arrival we were greeted by Aisha who told us they have no rooms available. Asked to speak mngr. Ross came out and told us all that's left is a classic room. After politely explaining our frustration Ross offered us an upgrade to a FIORE room at the waterclub LIE#4 There is no Fiore room at the water club. He changed our luggage ticket to go to the water club, minutes later he told us there are no more Fiore rooms available. I have a portable wheelchair I use I asked Aisha to put us in a Handicap room she gave us room #620 which is not handicap accessible LIE#5 was told to come back in the morning. Saturday morning spoke to Khoi Bui and he said there were no rooms available LIE#6 I called 10 mins later spoke to Fiora sent me to room 4033. I cannot believe they called it a Grande room which was no different from room #620 I still couldn't maneuver my wheel chair after the worst stay at the Borgata Khoi offers us $100 towards Dinner was told to speak to Ryan Burch which was never AVAILABLE $100 cannot compensate for the lies and uncomfortness I experienced Borgata owes my wife and I 4 Days and an upgrade for being loyal patrons from the inception of the Borgata. I'm At [protected] / [protected]

customer service, valet parking and room service.

Please people, beware of the Borgata hotel in AC. My experience there was anything but pleasant and relaxing...


For 500 a night I thought our room should be top notch room 1110 has rust along the bathroom doors, mold maybe, and a card member. Very disappointed with your hotel. My card had problems The days of gaming only showed 6 points after going to card redemption personnel .the bright spot of our weekend was Angeline's, best meal we ever ate, service was also great, as in all of your hotel staff. Won't be back for a while will try the other 2 new casinos, where very loyal for many years, not big gamblers, but did go to shows and dined. Staff are fantastic, people in charge of maintenance and pricing rooms another story

employee failed to change reservation

I booked a room for a three day period July 15-18 on June 17 2018. Due to my daughter s work schedule I had to change the reservation to July 22, 23, 24 leaving the 25th. The first reservation was 199 for Sunday due to 15th anniversary, the next two nights were 69.00 each. I called to change to thesecond dates and the price dropped for Sunday. I believe 30 to 40 dollars. My deposit changed from 267.00 to 226.00. I called Today to change the reservation over to just Sunday and Monday as a family member was going to have surgery on the 24th and was told that my reservation was not changed and I was listed as a no show. They wanted the date I called best recollection was around June 24, 25, or july 4. I gave them the phone number this was never checked. My wife called and got kiara on the phone and she got information about problems with two booking systems one is numbers and one with letters the one with letters is hard to find. Most people use the number system but some use what ever floats their boat. kiara advised that some one could back track the phone call. I called and spoke with Gladys who stated she had to kick this up to a customer service manager as she could not handle the issue. I was transferred to Marissa who looked up the reservation and then returned the money to my card and took the no show off, but infomed me that due to brittany spears and james taylor selling out that they had nothing available but a double queen for 519 dollars. I explained that I should not be penalized for the man who did not do his job. The man changed it confirmed it and said our reservation number would stay the same. Understand my wife and I used to come to atlantic city a couple of tmes a year but due to family medical issues we havent been able to . This is our first getaway in a couple years and it was already cut short and your people ruined it. I would like something done this wasnt right.

receptionist (diana)

I normally don't complain about much but when you're required to pay over $700.00 for 2 measly nights at a supposed upscale establishment one would expect courtesy and hospitality. Upon check in, my wife and I were "greeted" by Diana at the Water Club reception desk. Besides telling me how much loot I was tossing away she was totally USELESS and quite unpleasant about it as well. She explained absolutely NOTHING about the amenities, attractions or even how to access the internet. This woman shouldn't be in the hospitality business at all. I didn't mind that the ironing board in our room was broke nor the broken refrigerator door but her attitude and unwillingness to make us feel welcome was appalling!

receptionist (diana)

the overall service

I was lied to about how the booking of the room would go. I called and spoke with someone asking why the first nights fee were not taking off of my debit. I was told that I would
Pay the first night at check in and the rest at check out. Ilthis was not true not only was I charged the full amount at check in I was also charged an additional $150 per night to be put on hold. Then I was told personally by the front desk that I could charge that money that was being held to my room at the restaurants in the borgata. After I order my dinner I was held up for over a hour looked at like a criminal and treated like dirt. This was a horrible experience.


My husband & I have been coming to The Borgota since its opening. After arriving this weekend (June 17th-18th) we checked into our room & was surprised to find one problem after another. The first was the drinking glasses that rest upside down on their coasters. when i pkd it up the back side had several shards of glass exposed which cd hav caused serious cuts. I can't imagine how the person that last cleaned the room cd hav missed that & then set the glass on the coaster w the good side facing front.
The toilet tissue holder was loose & on a slant. The cold water handle was also loose. The tile floor was sticky & as we walked on it our shoes were sticking to the floor. Both, door to bathrm & door to toilet, were missing their lock mechanism. Next morning we had a hard time getting the shower to turn on.
The bedroom table lamp & floor lamp were both wobbly & the shade on both were hanging lopsided.
Also, noticed that on the casino floor 2 of the bathrooms looked as if they were neglected. Very filthy & several dispensers had no soap in them. Several people were heard complaining, both men & women.
This was a big surprise to us since we've never had a problem in all these years.
Now w two new casinos opening I wd think The Borgata wd b doing everything possible to keep their longtime & frequent guests.

parking garage attendant

After loosing our money, we were leaving the parking garage and my husband handed the attendant my player...

Consumer Fraud

As a devoted player for 10 years & Titanium player for past several years, I was shockingly accused of "waiting for a machine" as many people do. It was the only way to get this particular, popular machine. I am disabled so I usually stay at one machine long. I received a call from Tim Stafford, head of marketing. He told me I can play when I want because I spend a lot of money, but I am no longer marketable. This meaning I can no longer earn slot money, comps, etc. they took all my earned items away including gifted item, promised items that were earned earlier in the year. I am a friendly person, never gives anyone trouble. How many other people is Borgata doing this to? It's unbelievable! They have become very mistreating of customers. They are wrong by doing this! Bad business practices, consumer fraud.



Bogus room cancellation

I made reservations for the Borgata Hotel Casino and a restaurant in the hotel more than 6 weeks in advance of this coming weekend. I find out today that the hotel cancelled all my reservations "after I called" early this month. I did not call and did not cancel my reservations. I'm told that a new reservation can be made at substantially more than the original price.

  • Lm
    LMarello Aug 02, 2011

    I booked 2 rooms at the borgata for my friends Birthday. The girl whose name was on the room wasn't going to be coming until later in the evening so my other friends could not check in at the rate we got because she was not there yet. It was a complete mess and the staff was not helpful or willing to accommodate us.

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  • Si
    simoli46 Aug 09, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Sat 08/6/2011, I was playing spanish 21, I got a twelve and the dealer was showing a three top card, I asked her to hit me on twelve and she by passed me, denying me a hit. the dealer turned a seven and she would had won the table, it was as she knew what card was next. I called the pit manager and she also denied me the card even though the dealer and another manager did say they saw me ask for the card. I saw the manger whisper to the pit manager and the pit manger went to the computer and saw how much i had cash in to play and screamed I'm not going to worried she not losing much. I felt discrimiated and insulted all at the same time. not to mentioned I have been there since friday and already playing for hours.

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