Renaultlosing my original parts

Dear renault
Greetings my name is Mina Ibrahim I owe a Renault logan 2016 .on the 19th oh November I had an accident so I sent my car for Renault amerya branch for maintenance.they said that it will need to change the bumber and the shock absorber. It took them till the 25th of December to fix it as they didn't have a shock absorber and I had to wait all this long for them to bring it. And after they finished my car. I went and took my car but my bumber were not available (the bumber that was in the car when I brought it to them ) and when i asked them where is it they replied that they don't know and that it must have been thrown away as junk and they told to go and complain they won't get it for me 8n a way that shows that they don't care or fear the consequences of losing my property.On Tuesday the 17th of January I called Renault egypt and complained and I was told to wait for an answer tosay and till now no one called.
My car logan 2016
Liscence number 200446
Telephone number +[protected]
Waiting to hear from you
Best regards
Mina Ibrahim

Jan 21, 2017

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