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I am a proud owner of a 2014 renault clio. Its fully kitted with all the bells and whistles. I love the car but i do not love the negligent dealership which i bought my car from.
In 2015 i received a letter from renault notifying me that my car has a latent defect. It relates to the fender and the breaks. I went in to query this as i could feel the defect and hear the squeaking. I was told that the defect was rectified when my car went in for service. I took their word for this.
At around 160000kms my vehicles breaks were toasted and i had to pay a good sum of money to replace them at the dealership. I was concern that they were dishonest regarding the defect since breaks don't usually need changing at 16000kms. I queried regarding the defect and they assured me that it was all ok.

Today at 25000kms as i was driving front left tyre burst. This caused my 17inch mags to warp. I also avoided an accident but my front left door was scraped. On inspection, the tyre burst from the inside. The front left fender is shredding the tyre badly. I also need new breaks again as they are completely worn away.
I believe its not fair to be treated the way i'm being treated at the dealership. My life and my families lives were all at risk due to the negligence and lies of the dealership. There's something wrong with my vehicle and it needs to be attended to urgently.

I beg you to assist me with this issue. I have no choice but to trade the car in and seek legal advice to resolve this matter if its not resolved.

i am not threatening you guys, put yourselves in my shoes and imagine what options you have.

My kindest regards to you all

Mar 31, 2017

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