Renault Clio 1. 5 DCIfaulty motor

I purchased a car in March 2008 at McCarthy centurion a Renault Clio 1.5dci, purchase price was R85 000, 2004, model, vin number VF1BB07CF29344695, and it’s got a full service history. As from April 2009 the car started having some endless problems. I have been servicing and paying for all the repairs on my car. The has been in for repairs with French-Tech-Auto, Renault Pinetown, Bosh Car Service (SA DIESELEC CC), and which they are RMI, Renault mechanical repair specialist, but the car kept on coming back with exactly the same faults and It could not start. A number of spares have been replaced, and have been given quotes to replace more parts which I have done but still the car is not starting. I have attached some of the quotes and invoices that I received from this repair center. Up to now the car is still seating with the repair center from, Tinlyns Business Park, 208 Gale Street DURBAN, contact Person: Pedro Matos ([protected]).
I have made numerous complaints about this car and no one seems to be interested to help me with my problem. The amounts that have been quoted and paid for this car are beyond the market value for the car, and it’s beyond economical to repair. I have been paying for this car from March 2008 until January 2011 and my settlement amount with westbank is still seating to more than R100 000, due to the interest accumulated.
I have only got to be able to use this car for only one year. As a customer I have never really enjoyed the use of the product the product I had purchase. I contacted Wesbank in January 2011, to advise them of my problems with this car and requested for the termination of the account as I could not afford to pay any more money on this vehicle due to all the faults that are on this car. Wesbank sent me a termination letter for me to sign and they said they would collect the car from the mechanics within 10 days and would cancel my contract, sell the car to defray expenses, and up to now, they have not collected the car and I’m now required to pay for the storage of the car since wesbank did not come to collect it. Even thought I had requested numerous times for them to collect their car and cancel my account with wesbank.
When does the consumer protection ACT comes in to play, because I feel that this is really unfair on me to suffer so much about this vehicle.
I need your assistant or advice on how I can get out of this dilemma, as I need to be able to buy another car soon, and not have to pay for a product that I have never had to be able to enjoy using.

My contact details are as follows, e-mail [protected], cell number [protected]

Kind Regards
Nkosinathi Mzimela

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