Reliant Energyincompetent billing with no protection

After hurricane Ike I expected a small delay in getting my bill. Instead I waited two months and then fearing a cut off I called in a complaint that I had not received the bills. The previous two months before Ike I had not received bills either and called to find out what I needed to pay and payed the bill including late fees for $407. This time I received a letter stating that they were looking into the problem. Then, just 2 days before Christmas, I received a bill for $1554. The usage history showed a spike charging me $900 one month and $500 the next. Calling a utility repair company I found that contacts in my air conditioner were fused. Sure enough a lot of power was used. If I had been billed properly I could have corrected the problem before the cost mounted so high.

I expected Reliant Energy to provide so sort of accomodation but they just refused to do anything. I immediately paid the bill and am making provisions for a lawsuite.

DO NOT trust this company!!


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