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I bought a home an inherited an 8 year old water heater which is now 15 years old and which was provided through rental by reliance. Lately i'm having myriad hot water supply issues so I figured i'd call them. Twice teams came out and both told me that water tanks might last at least 20 years, and certain 15. I suggested i'm at the normal end of life and the next thing up is failure, but they stated they won't replace it just because it is old, but if it fails, the replacement is free. However, the thousands in repair costs associated with it flooding the basement are up to me I guess.

Finally after taking the plumbing apart myself and finding that the tank is eroding and filling my lines with plastic do they give in and decide to replace my tank for me. However, this was only after one of the most painful conversations i've had with a service rep who questioned my ability to plumb, my household water needs and generally tried to pressure me into staying the course with a rental - i'd suggested i'd like to know the costs around terminating our relationship.

Service was scheduled today for 1-5pm so I stayed home from work. By 4:00pm no one has shown up or called. I call them and they say "sure, guy is on the way momentarily - apparently they reached out to the contractor they'd subbed to directly". No calls. I call at 5:00pm and get the exact same story. 6pm I call and they tell me my issue is escalated to planning and they will call. No calls. 7pm I call and get the escalation / planning story again. 8pm I call and am told they can't reach my contractor for the last 3 hours. I suggest that i'm paying reliance, not some 3rd party guy and that they might consider calling someone else?

At no point does anyone at reliance ever call me back. It hurts me deeply to continue to give them business but at the moment they are my closest path to getting their water heater out before it destroys my shower with its spewing of plastic bits (Assuming something like the dip tube has disintegrated).

I'll never give these guys my business and as soon as I can swing it, i'll pay them their 200 bucks disconnect happily and send them on their way

Feb 11, 2015
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  • Rm
      Feb 19, 2015

    I'm terribly sorry to hear about this experience and would like to learn more. Please contact me at [protected] with more information and I will escalate this issue for review. Thank you. ~ Rich

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