Reliance Home Comfortproblem with hot water tank change out/customer service/cancellation of account

C Nov 24, 2017

September 4, 2017 a hot water tank needed to be switched out in my house and Reliance Home Comfort sent out a representative who determined I needed to have a specific tank installed; representatives came to install, who then informed that the tank could not be installed and a different tank would be needed. Third representative came out and said that the newly suggested tank could not be installed and I would have to go with the first one suggested. **Please note, all these representatives came out on different days and I had to take these day off of work.

A new date was given, which on that day I received a call from the person who was coming to install the tank...and they did not show up. I called Reliance, who advised me that they did not have me scheduled that day (even though I was provided confirmation from the representative who was at my house a few days prior.)

End result, I made arrangements with Enercare for a hot water tank installation. I called Reliance and advised them that I was going to be moving over to Enercare and that Enercare would be returning the hot water tank, and to PLEASE cancel all services I have with Reliance.

I have since received bills monthly stating that the hot water tank has not been returned (but I do have a copy of the Reliance Water Tank Return Receipt. To date, I have had to call because I am still being billed for the tank and for a protection plan that I also had asked to have canceled.
I made a call again today to Reliance to have this addressed. The person on the other end is "assuring me" this will be taken care of.

I guess we will now wait and see.

Suggestion: Have all Reliance personnel be on the same page when it comes to installation, suggesting a product, and even customer service needs to be on the same page with cancellation of product requests by customers.

I will never refer or use Reliance Home Comfort again.

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