Reliance Broadband / harassment and fake bill

Pune, India

Hi Rcom,
It has been a height of irresponsibility by reliance guys which is impacting our day to day life.
Starting from here.
First of all when they install the Broadband connection here in my flat, they gave me old equipment which i am fine with.
They kept my plan as landline and as well as broadband connection which i was not aware of, i got my bill as landline and was highly confused what is going on, i called customer care, they book the Termination id for Landline disconnection and told that it will be resolved within a week .the Termination id is [protected] and recorded on 27th Dec 2014 but still not resolved.
Moreover i had to pay the useless bill of landline that month .

Second of all, the next month again, the bill generated with landline bill along with Broadband bill, so what was the point of making the termination id and calling and emailing reliance so many times. Now this time again i called them up and asked about my complain (termination id), they bluntly told me that it didn't happen as there were some technical issue, so whose fault is this and they gave me new termination id now which is [protected], they assured me that this will happen within 4 days but did not happen.

Third of all, I called again yesterday and they gave me again with new termination id :[protected] with all kind of excuses of landline termination .

Final of all, i had to pay the bill and i paid the bill on 29th Jan 2015 and that too on due date, the funny tragedy is that now i am getting the emails and messages saying that " since you did not pay the bill past due date, Reliance services will be disconnected today " and when i am replying on these emails and messages, no one is responding. I am attaching the payment receipt here so that consumer court can see as well.

Reliance, please maintain some kind of ethics and principles and if not then have some professionalism, Do not harass general people . i Guess if you have some shame then will act upon it now.

My details :
user id - [protected]
Alternate Phone number : [protected]
Email_id for communication :a.[protected]

Reliance Broadband

Jan 31, 2015

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