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I went into a contract with Regus Pretoria, South Africa on 06 Feb 2016 (Confirmation Number: [removed]) to rent a small office. I dealt directly with a Ms. Regional Manager who is the manager for the area, [email removed] . She showed me the contract and explained all the requirements and services. I was pleased as the rental was indicated to be R3380, 00 per month with a once off signage fee of R250, 00. I was happy to pay this to make use of the office.

It has come to light that the rental of the office of R3380, 00 is excluding VAT and the the R250, 00 is a recurring cost. This was never explained to me nor indicated in the contract i signed. I have emailed Regional Manager to offer an explanation with no further communication from her. I tried to ask when does rental include VAT as this is the first time I have ever heard of it. I don't have an issue with paying the require taxes but this was not explained to me upfront when I initially signed the contract. My total rental is now R4366, 00 a month, quiet a bit from the initial contact. In terms of the National Consumer Council all conditions have to be explained to the consumer before the contact is signed, and this case it was not.

Because of this dishonesty I would like to cancel my relationship with Regus with immediate effect, however I was told that I cannot break the contract. I would like Regus head office to grant this for me as I was mislead from the start.

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May 17, 2017

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