Rediff Shopping / Product sold different from what was advertised

I had purchased a shoulder support and I received a cheaper product that was not the product advertised on the site. I attached the picture of the product that I had received vis-a-vis the product advt on their website.
I had created a document and pasted the details as well as provided pictures of the product that I have received.
Diagram 1 : What rediff website promised (Quality product for INR 980)
Diagram 2: Cheap product available from other websites (INR 250)
Diagram 3: Product that was delivered to me (which is exactly the same one and the same brand as well - Flamingo, as the one shown at Naaptol for INR 250 whereas rediff chaps have charged INR 980.)

I called up the helpline and waited for 5 minutes to talk to an associate. They have a lower wait time for ordering products and order tracking, but on the IVR of complaints the wait time is purposely kept high. Once I described the problem, I was kept on hold for 8 minutes. Once the supervisor spoke to me, I was told that the below items (1 to 6) will be emailed to me by 7:30pm the same day. No one bothered to respond.

1. Which address should I ship the product back to?
2. Which courier company should I send the product through?
3. When will the product be received by you?
4. When will you cut the check?
5. When will you deliver the check and when will I receive the check?
6. Timelines around each of the activities.

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