Red Rooster / my daughters unfair dismissal

Westpoint Shopping Center Blacktown, Blacktown, New South Wales, Australia

To whom it may concern I have a complaint about the manager at westpoint blacktown red rooster tammy vo the way she has treated my daughter. My daughter sarah sutlcliffe had to take me her mother to hospital on the 16th december 2015 so I could have a needle in my neck due to having pinched nerves as it extremely pain full. Sarah rung work from the hospital to let them know she would be running late due to the doctor running behind which does happen, she rang them at 10am as she was due to start work at 11am she gave them an hours notice and tammy said to sarah if you cannot get to work by 10.50 don't bother coming in and that sarah is always taking her family problems to work and taking it out on the customers. I was not allowed to drive after this procedure as it made my spine numb, so sarah drove me home. I even tried to speak to her and she said that she didn't care about what I had to say, she is a very rude person to speak to and won't listen to what other people have to say I find her extremely hard person to communicate with. Since the 16th december sarah not worked due to why I don't know, sarah checked the roster for this week being 3rd january 2016 and her name has been deleted, I am not happy with this disgusting treatment my daughter is receiving. If t his is the way your company treats junior staff members it is disgusting, I want this dealt with immediately or I going to take this matter further. Regards leanne flavell mother

Jan 02, 2016

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