Red Robin International / manager and employees refused to honor email specials

Two weeks ago I placed an order for two Gourmet burgers at the San Dimas, CA, Red Robin attempting to take advantage of the 20% off to go order offer I received in my e-mail. When I went to pick them up at 8:50 pm, the 20% off discount had not been applied. Alexandra, the receptionist, said she would correct this but then came back claiming that there was no discount attached to my e-mail address. She then got the manager who also refused to honor the offer. I asked if I could access my e-mail on any computer in their establishment, but was told again that I did not have this offer available to me. I told them I would go home and print out the offer which I did. I was told that that would suffice. So I not only copied the 20% off offer but also a valid current offer for a free burger with burger purchase Celebrate Burger Month offer. I returned to the restaurant @ 9:15, but even with the printouts of the both offers, Alexandra still refused to honor them. I refused to pay the non-discounted price and informed her I intended to contact Red Robin's corporate office about their refusal to give the advertised discount. I completed the complaint form and checked the box indicating I wished to be contacted via phone, not e-mail. All I received was a form e-mail stating that the manager was to be contacted but no call and no resolution. Then, to add insult to injury, I was sent another e-mail asking if I was o.k. with their resolution and a link to a site to state my reply, a site that will not load. I can only assume that individual customers, no matter how often they visit (quite often) mean little to the Red Robin franchise. I'm sure all the other restaurants in my area will appreciate Red Robin pushing customers their way.

Red Robin International
Red Robin International

Jun 06, 2018

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