Red Lobsterbecoming one of the worst company to work for

Since the new owners take our Red lobster the employees find it hard to make ends meet. They are so money hungry that the become a nickel and dimming company which force us to work under stressful circumstances. One person doing four persons job and is treated like a slaves. Golden Gate is not a good company to work for they make it hard for us to keep the benefit they wrote us and tell us that we will be terminated immediately if we don't get thirty hours per week but don't give us a chance to work we barely work twenty hours per week so its hard to buy health insurance else where.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Bronx, NYNow the they are telling us they are going after our tips to pay the rest of their staff because they don't want to pay them for what is required for the jobs the apply for. working at Red lobster is not enjoyable any more and I hope that new jobs open up because this is one company that will be spending its money and training because no one will stay with them. they don't care about employees and how they will pay their bills always taking from us. I really hope the owner and share holders read this because they have to take care of their bottom line employees because if they do they don't need to worry about their company a day in their lives. I would love for them to take a few days and visit their restaurant and see how hard we work for them not to give us thirty hours per week such a shame.

Apr 30, 2017

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