SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / real estate lead

Gainesville, Florida Area, United States
Contact information:

I signed up for 4 zip codes, for $120.00
They immediately debited my account.
I received a cancellation notice.
No caller id phone number.

"Eric"... He's a fast talker. I thought I remembered talking to him back in april 2016. When I asked if I had ever signed up for their service he said no.
Turns out I had. And when I cancelled them because I never received any leads... I think this was his way of collecting on a debt that I feel I don't owe.

So, I am filing a report on [redacted]

This is my favorite consumer safety site. I will report them there, and then google will put them to the #1 [redacted] position, so when other people get phone calls, hopefully they will see the string of reports that will probably attach to my report.

They are a scam. A flim flam thieving company. You merely give them your money. You're better off giving your to your local panhandler on the street corner.

May 4, 2017

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