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Dated: 31/03/17, i did shopping from superstore (store 01549 & 01567), and with the gap of 2 hours, i did shopping and make $250 and eligible for free gift of the week which is pc turkey worth of $24,
here is the point, am muslim and i told them that i can not take pc turkey because it is not halal it is my religious issue. They said we have halal turkey but it is expensive so we can not substitute your free gift with any other gift. They can give me 25000 pc points which is value of $25.
But she said that either you have to take that pc turkey or have to leave your gift. Here i come to know that loblaw / superstore ignoring minorities needs and their faith. Or can i assume that being muslim do not do shopping from superstore because we are not allowed eligible for free gifts because it is our religious problem that we can only eat halal meat. Is that what the customer service is trained by loblaw in their managers meeting.
I need answer of my question please, because i want to report this to media that real canadian superstore is launching anti-muslim campaign through their weekly $250 sale gifts,
i can provide my shopping bills that am eligible for the free gift and i can mention the name of the front desk lady if asked.


Apr 01, 2017
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      Apr 14, 2017

    The customer knew what the gift would be and should not have participated if she does not want that particular gift, or she can pass the gift to a friend. For example, if a vegetarian won the gift, the gift should still be a turkey. Prizes cannot be personalized to the individual's personal values.

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