Real Canadian Superstore / red deer, ab location

I stopped by the Red Deer location last evening after school, before going home.

As I entered the store, the "security" guard walked across in front of me without even looking up. He was an older man using a shopping cart to lean on, as it appeared that he could not comfortably walk without it.

I continued into the store to do my shopping, only to find the majority of the shelves almost completely empty. Out of my entire shopping list, I was only able to find one item still in stock. I asked a couple staff members if they had just had a big sale and they replied that the shelves always look this way.

As I was leaving, I again noticed the security guard leaning against a wall and again, he did not even look up.

I went outside and noticed a police car slowly driving around the parking lot, which gave me a slight sense of security... until I looked at my vehicle and noticed a "serial killer" van (cargo van with no windows) and two men sitting in it, very, very close to the drivers' side of my vehicle. I went around to the rear of my vehicle to put my grocery bag in the back and noticed one of the men staring at me in his mirror. I got pretty freaked out and tried to flag down the police car, only to watch the police look at me and drive away...

I stood there, not really knowing what to do now. I was so freaked out, that I climbed into the passenger side of my vehicle and climbed over my centre console in order to get out of this parking lot and go home.

I am not a person that gets scared easily, but I can assure you that I will not ever go to Superstore again at night...or maybe not even in the day time. I have not decided yet as this was such a horrible experience.

Darla Black

Nov 22, 2017

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