Real Canadian Superstoreharassment from an employee

Last night on May 14th I went shopping at the Chilliwack superstore. I was with my girlfriend and step son. We went to get a free cookie from the bakery for my kid. There was the night shift janitor standing at the counter. He gave my stepson a cookie with his very dirty hands. They were literally covered in grease and dirt. After I walked away with my son, so I couldnt hear, he started attempting to flirt with my girlfriend. She didn't tell me until we were home so I wouldn't start a fight. She was very uncomfortable. He said something like "that dress looks very delicious on you, pretty momma!"
Now.. If you guys aren't going to do anything about this, I guarantee you that I will. This has been stressing me out all day and I'm ready to go to the store and find this pervert and help him remove his entire jaw.

May 15, 2017

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