Real Canadian Superstorefront end department consistency

I am always price matching products but the policy at the Metrotown Superstore in Burnaby is very inconsistent I find. The cashiers do not all seem to know how the price matching policy works and I am constantly being told different rules when I try price matching items. I use to work for Superstore as a cashier and I know the rules but when I try to explain how it is suppose to work or what items should qualify, I get wildly different response depending on which cashier I am talking to. If the rules have changed or are different at different stores then I understand that, but I am finding it hard to get a consistent set of rules for price matching which usually means I have to leave items I would have liked to purchase because the rule I was told the week before is being rejected by a different cashier. Its very frustrating that no one seems to know the rules. Or understand them properly.

Jan 21, 2017

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