Real Canadian Superstore / clothing manager with poor business sense

Edmonton, AB, Canada
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Edmonton Windermere, Clothing Department Manager, Feb 19 ~ 4pm. I used to enjoy Superstore for the fact that I can have a diverse shopping list and I can make it my one stop shop. We tend to only come through about once a month and the receipt is always in the several hundred dollar category. I had purchased a sweater from the clothing department in October that was too small. The tags and receipt were kept attached, intact, and taped to the sweater for return/exchange. Now, life gets busy, and the sweater was put to the side and forgotten about for 5 months. I understand this is a long amount of time, but as the policy reads on the receipt, refund up to 90 days, return for exchange past 90. Ok, sounds simple enough. I came to the clothing cashier with a couple of items for my daughter, well over the approx value of the sweater. When I presented the sweater (~$45) and with tags and receipt (~$280) they rang it up as $7.95 in exchange value. The sweater was now on discount as it was out of season and they would not use my purchase price as an exchange price. Needless to say they retrieved the department manager when I tried to reason with them that I didn't pay $7.95 and wouldn't accept $7.95 in exchange, as nowhere in their policy could they point out this was allowed. The manager immediately looked at me like a lesser person. "You know it's March right?" Counting on her fingers, "That's like, five months" and continuing to belittle me like a bouncer on a Saturday night power trip. With me stating, "nowhere in your policy does it state that the exchange is anything but the purchase price stated on the receipt." "Look at my receipt. You're willing to upset a customer that regularly spends hundreds of dollars at your store over a $30 exchange difference?" "$7.95 is all I'm willing to give you in exchange". Sorry to say I took the exchange to use on one tiny item for my daughter, left the store and will not return. That's OUR unwritten policy.

Mar 08, 2018

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