Real Canadian Superstore / cashier

Penticton, BC, Canada

My family and I have been shopping exclusively at the real canadian superstore for 6 years now with nothing but good good prices and great customer service . no complaints until today. I went thru cash line 4 at 17:03 and had the misfortune of meeting the rudest or the person with the lowest customer service skills I have ever come across. I think her name was Emma. As usual I greet the cashier to wich she responded " I'm not done with him yet ( referring to the gentleman paying his bill ) so you will have to wait " she then grabbed my basket that was stil on the belt and agressively handed it to me saying " this can't be here you have to take it to the back" she refused to accept my pc plus card until I had taken the basket back . she then complained leaving the basked in the belt would make her work harder ( I've worked as a cashier and really found there was no difference in the ammount of work if the basket is there or not ) I am normally understanding of poor customer service since I have worked the field and I know people are dificult and they get paid little. But this level of agression and willingness to argue with a customer can really damage the image of your company if you care at all about that. Very sad because this is my favourite store in town and recommend it to all my friends and family

May 9, 2017

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