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RCN - Maryland / HORRIBLE SERVICE, company is run by THEIVES

1 United States

RCN is the worst cable company service I have ever had to deal with. Not only are their tech support people incompetent, they barely spoke English. I had service activated 9/21/2008 and had decent picture quality and internet service. I started to experience trouble in around 10-10-2008 where my picture went in and out and my internet stopped working. I called tech support to see if they can help and after holding for about 45 minutes I finally got to speak to an actual person. Little did I know that the person on the other end barely spoke English and sounded like she kept reading some well rehearsed reasons as to why my service is cut off. So she tells me that they are "booked up" for service calls and that the first time someone can come out is on 10/31/2008!!! She explained that there was someone that MAY be available on 10/15/2008 But I had to BE AT HOME FROM 8AM TO 8PM FOR THEM TO "SQUEEZE" ME IN. So I told her that I will wait for them to call me to see if someone will be available that day where they can try to "squeeze me in".

A few days later, my cable tv service went out, so once again I called back to see if someone could fix this as well. After maybe 30 minutes of "resetting" and "rebooting" I still got NO picture on my TV and they gave me the same incompetent response - No one will be available for a timeframe until 10/31/2008. So the woman on the phone pretty much told me that I would have to wait two weeks for them to come out and fix my internet AND cable. I got so annoyed with their poor response that after the woman on the phone basically did NOTHING, I told them to shut off the service after only having it for about 2 WEEKS. She tells me that she cant shut it off and that I had to be transferred. After being on hold for another 40 minutes, I speak to someone who wants to know all these various reasons as to why I am cancelling service. After avoiding the question to prevent any further discontent, I finally tell her that her company's service is GARBAGE and that their tech support is filled with incompetent people who can barely speak English.

Once the cancellation was completed I figured that I was rid of RCN but since I had already sent in the payment for the first month's bill I overpaid since I cancelled the service about 2 weeks after it was activated. These idiots send me another bill for the 2nd month when I already cancelled service.

RCN is a company full of THEIVES, I shut off service AND returned equipment on 10/14/2008 BUT I was billed until 10/18/2008 and they expect me to pay up until the 18th even though they received their equipment on the 14th (and I paid the first month's bill which was all the way up to 10/25/2008). After being on the phone for nearly 2 hrs speaking to one incompetent "supervisor" after another, they tell me that I will be receiving $6 credit back since that is what I "paid" for.

I thought I could save some money since they are cheaper than comcast but in the end it wasnt worth the savings each month having to deal with such incompetent people who lack customer service skills. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR...DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THIS AWFUL SERVICE...


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