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Carmel IN, United States
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Rci is a terrible company. They sold me on "mini vacations" that are totally worthless. I can beat their quotes online every day. I threw away $1200 on a 2 year trial subscription and I am kicking myself for it.

I can't even trade my points for tickets to universal studios - I lack the proper amount of points and can't roll over from another year. I get 10, 000 points a year. To convert them to tickets at universal studios, I need 12, 000. Stupid policy.

I am trying to salvage some part of my investment and am coming up short every time. Rci does not offer any value and has only been a headache to deal with.

Do yourself a favor — so not purchase anything from rci.

If anyone else files a class action suit, please contact me. I want in.
Thank you.

Jul 28, 2016

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