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Complaints & Reviews

rci is a ripoff!

RCI charges $199.00 exchange fee if you want to book a resort with them. Most, if not all, of the resorts you get to select are "all-inclusive" which require a fee per person per day. The average fee is $65/pp per day. When you have two people, that amounts to $130/day. If you book directly with your choiced resort, the daily all-inclusive rate including the room is lower than that! In fact, if you include the $199 exchange fee, you are paying more to book through RCI than through the resort directly! How is that a deal? And you have to pay RCI to be a member when you do not get any benefit at all! Make sure you check the resort rates first before you do an exchange with useless RCI!!!

  • Sc
    SCAMMEDSOBAD Sep 23, 2009

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  • Rm
    RML1109 Nov 13, 2009

    Wow. Either you are a new member or clearly just never took the time to review RCI and its resorts/process. I am flabergasted that you can say "Most, if not all, of the resorts you get to select are "all-inclusive" which require a fee per person per day." There are less than a handful of resorts in the United States associated with RCI that even offer all-inclusive options. Most of the all-inclusive resorts are in Mexico or the Dominican Republic.
    And as far as not having any benefits at all-- Would you rather return to your home resort (the resort you purchased your timeshare from) at the same time every year? If so, then don't look into timeshare EXCHANGE, which is the main service RCI offers. There is a lot that goes into making these exchanges happen, including paying the employees, contractors, etc who are able to make all of this happen for YOU.
    Also, RCI is very clear about the all-inclusive fees at each resort (because they vary by resort) BEFORE a member exchanges into them.
    This is just the tip of the ice berg. I would suggest you attend a seminar at your home resort or even visit the RCI website for more information, added benefits, etc. Timeshares aren't for everyone. Do your research before purchasing (or bashing) anything.

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failure to provide promised service

I made resort reservations on 1/16/09 for 1/16/10 using banked points through RCI. When I recently called the resort to reconfirm my dates, I was told that RCI had scheduled me for 1/16/09 and there was no way the resort could adjust for RCIs mistake. I called RCI and got nowhere. Additionally, RCI cancelled my membership. I am contacting an attorney to try to get my banked points plus my transfer fee totalling over $500 back.
The only other time I banked my timeshare points with RCI, I got put in a rundown resort when I exchanged my points. I own at a very classy, expensive resort. RCI is a rip-off!

  • Mi
    michaelcarozza Feb 08, 2012

    anyone who feels rci scammed them should contact the arizona's attorney generals office
    they have a website where you can post your complaint. if they get enough complaints they will take action against this company

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booking fees

RCI...greedy! Canceled a much looked forward trip to Cancun, because of the most recent media reports about Swine Flu, on the advise of our government, I might add. RCI will not reimburse the booking fees or apply them towards another vacation. Even the airlines are not charging rebooking fees in connection with this. It's ridiculous enough that I pay a membership fee to RCI, a booking fee for any vacation I wish to use MY week for (that's assuming they even have somewhere I want to go-which is rare), all in addition to the few thousand I pay in taxes for the timeshare. HOW DID I EVER THINK THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA??

  • Eg
    Egejo Sep 09, 2009

    RCI SCUKS and that is all...
    Here is my story, I was called for a renovation which I accepted and also booked the same time a week in the emirates. However two days later I went to the doctor and was forced to had cirgury wich no longer let me travel so I called RCI to cancel the week or even move it to another date or place and what a F...king surprise as a special medical issue they were as a favor going to credit me 50% of what I had paid what I said it was a scam totally they never told me of such policie in first place and it was a medical issue I even called soon enogth to dont even have it as confirmed but they spend time returning the call. Worst ever when I decided to which other place and date they were increasing the price I got on screen for that same resort so I was going to be charged even more than the 50% they said it was 75% so I decided to better loose that money and never ever again book anything with them.
    So pls all people out ther be advice of the scam they are and some federal agency or someone should take in charge and demand them for non ethical practices and close them once for all.

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  • Mr
    MrDonald Jan 23, 2010

    I feel your pain... I don't know why I ever got sucked into the time share B.S. If any one has a way of selling them legitimately please tell me...

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fraud, fraud, fraud

I was recently asked by RCI Points to pay what I was told was a discounted rate for Points for one year. This amounted to about £400 for about 56, 000 points. This amount is similar to what I used to pay as a Maintenance charge for ownership that had entitled me to the same number of points.

Later I came to find the only booking I could make with RCI was for a week in a very nice looking Irish Cottage. If I booked this cottage direct it would cost about £600 for a week. If I use my points to book the Cottage week RCI say I must 'spend' about 180, 000 points. The rate is apparently 300 points are 'worth' £1.

However to purchase points the rate is approximately 140 points per pound. So the 'exchange rate' seems to be about half and the cottage week will actually cost me £1, 300 plus the RCI booking fees etc. If I had never been a member of RCI and the cottage would only cost £600.

With the large number of rental properties available now it is very hard to see how RCI Points can survive or be worth subscribing to unless you are a property owner and find it works for you. So I feel that this situation of points cash value should be publicized as a fraud and that RCI should change their system so that they are giving far better value for money.

Otherwise it is hard to see why anyone should continue to subscribe unless they are able to use the system to make exchanges between properties they own and nearly equivalent properties elsewhere. To use RCI Points as a sort of bank to purchase weeks in apartments seems to be a either a fraud or at best an expensive way to do what could be done cheaper by just going on the internet and making a direct booking.

  • Da
    Danny G May 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    RCI reward points are a joke...and they have a limit of 7500 per month. so if you go over your not granted those points. you would THINK that a bank wants you to spend more $$$. not Bank of America... b of a your a joke...Danny from Chicago

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  • Br
    Brittany Smith Jan 22, 2014

    Despite RCI is one of the biggest timeshare exchange companies in the world, you still have to be very careful before exchanging your week, as there are many things that could go wrong during the process. Take into consideration that you have to book the resort as soon as possible, sometimes even up to two years in advance, which can be a problem for some families. Also, you must know that a membership fee needs to be paid, whether you exchange your timeshare or not. This is a good article on How to use the RCI timeshare exchange system:

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rci robbing customers

I have used rci very much over the past years. When I first saw the cheating I thought it might have been a mistake. But the mistakes are continuous. The sole purpose of rci is to rob as much money from customers as possible and then everyone doesnt respond. Rci has a class action which claims rci is renting out properties that they shouldnt. Over the last 8 months I have been addressing illegal people being at my resort. Read below. Below is the recent letter that I sent rci. Check everything that you do with rci. Anything bad about rci, let everybody know by writing in sites like this. Good luck
03/25/08 dear rci feedback, I am leaving town saturday and I dont think I will have internet. I would like a response from mr. Balotti and mr. Ruff by friday evening. Mr. Ruff has had the case for weeks so he should be able to answer all questions in two days. He threatens me in a letter and he doesnt leave his email address so he doesnt have to answer questions. Please tell him to email me when he has answered the simple questions that I asked. Thank you. Joe walsh being my friends paid for airfare and fishing charters they want a response also. Thank you.

To: rci. [protected]
Subject: re: your rci account
Date: wed, 25 mar 2009 18:54:07 +0000
03/25/09 dear rci feedback, over 8 months I have been cheated, lied to, not responded to and threatened by richard ruff. Richard ruff and other rci employees have caused severe stress and aggravation to me and friends by intentionally taking a very long time to respond and still not answering critical questions. For 2 weeks I have been telling various rci employees that mr. Balotti, ceo, must know what is going on. I need a confirmation that you are getting this to mr. Balotti immediately. I and friends are intensely angered by this situation. Please respond and confirm shortly. Thank you. Joe walsh ps please email below to mr. Ruff asap. Please ask him to respond to me on email. Ask him to answer the questions that he still has not responded to asap. Thanks again

To: rci. [protected]
Subject: re: your rci account this is an updated letter with more questions rci has not responded
Date: wed, 25 mar 2009 17:11:57 +0000 to. Mr. Balotti, ceo, must get letter. I need confirmation of this. Thanks
03/25/09 this letter is in response to your letter of march 25. As I addressed to you previously, I believe that these issues are so critical and rci still hasnt addressed issues that it is critical that mr. Balotti read this letter and respond. First of all my anger is because rci repeatedly does not respond to questions and crimes. After 8 months your letter does not respond to the issues I raised. Kindly read the following carefully and respond to every issue not just the issues that you want to respond to. Let us take last case for example. Below is melinda kelsey's response of feb 26. As you can see she stressed the urgency of the matter. Erin rader took the case several days later. Airfares and fishing charters have been paid for in hawaii. From feb 26 until today melinda kelsey and erin rader did not say one word about the situation. Why did you take so long to respond about critical issue? 3 different times I called rci weeks and they said they would email erin and her supervisor for response. No response. Why no response? Also you did not address the lie of melinda kelsey to cancel weeks in hawaii. Below is letter to erin on 3/ it you will see the lie of melinda. Why did she lie? The charges of 164 and 547 are for hawaii. A rci girl said I had to pay this amount for hawaii, so I paid it and charges have not been cancelled. The charges were removed from the weeks I had because even until your letter you have not addressed the crimes. Please explain clearly to me why rci did not respond to american express about the charges. It is your direct fault that charges were removed. I showed rci that there were people illegally in my unit. I also showed rci repeatedly that the resort refused to respond. All I asked rci was to tell me what they showed for weeks. When I wrote letter I wasnt aware of class action against you for renting properties that you shouldnt have. Rci realized that crimes were committed so they did not say one word about the crimes nor what their records all the time you took, you did not address the issue. Rci has direct responsibility of whom is in my unit. As for turkey I was told by three different rci people that breakfast was included. When I got there, I was told breakfast was not the evidence I sent repeated emails to rci with no response. Why no response? From turkey I called rci to resolve and I was told I should get breakfast. I still did not get breakfast and still no response from repeated emails. On the official rci confirmation there was no points listed nor breakfast actuality I should not have been charged any points. Is this correct? I also addressed the obvious and intentional overcharge of 115, 000 points for one small room outside the city in off season. David albright or you have not addressed the intentional crime. Why not? All david said was that he was going to give me back points and end of case. Orbitz also did not respond to crime. I sent david and rci my bills for breakfast and telephone charges and not one word was said by rci. Why not? Also the resort promised pool and bus to the city. Neither one existed. Pool was down. I addressed this with rci and again no response. Why not? The last time I dealt with rci partners I was intentionally charged 150 dollars more than what was agreed to by rci. I explained this to rental company and they agreed I was overcharged and they gave me credit. The evidence is plain to see. My vacation was completely ruined because rci left me hanging. Any dispute to what I said? I also addressed to you the week that completely disappeared when it was transferred from wyndham to rci. These are weeks that rci does not allow us to see on the internet. Why is this? Why is it that most of the weeks that I have I cant see on the internet? After the week disappeared a supervisor said these things happen. I told rci 4 years ago that we should see everything we own and nothing has changed in 4 years. Also, the internet to rci is ridiculous. A rci employee said the same. Internal errors, cant do what you requested, call rci for help. These are exactly the errors that I saw four years ago. I have been on many internet sites and not one has had the problems that rci has almost on a daily basis. When I see the same problems that I saw 4 years ago, my educated guess is that you are doing this to steal weeks as you did once to me. Kindly explain this. Over 8 months, 30 hours of writing, and much stress for myself and friends, you still have not responded to the issues. You have not done any research on my questions so why did it take you so long to respond? Kindly respond and answer questions. Thank you. It has been previously stated to you that rci did not rent out your unit and your alleged credit issues are not with rci but with your home resort. If you wish to continue to use your rci benefits you will need to allow the charges to go through for your future exchanges along with the $547.00 to pay for the past vacations which you have disputed with your credit card company. Until this issue is resolved we will be unable to attempt to reinstate your confirmations. Since these confirmations have been cancelled, there is no guarantee the inventory will still be available. You can understand how urgency in this matter is important since inventory changes every day. We do want you to successfully transact with rci and encourage you to address this issue as quickly as possible. 03/23/09 dear erin, it is now monday evening and no response from rci or you. This has been from feb. 26 and if you read below melinda kelsey said this was a matter of urgency, yet nobody in rci has responded. Below is my credit card with charges of 164 and 547 paid to rci. These were for my weeks in hawaii. The reason I paid this is that rci girl told me I had to pay this figure for weeks in hawaii. Check the audio tape. The charge on 2/4 was the charge melinda lied about and said that I withdrew the charge of this day. Neither charge is withdrawn. The evidence of rci obstructing justice and intentionally not responding to cause many people pain because we have paid for airfare and fishing charters is below and other emails. Also, rci did not respond to american express about the charges and it is rci's fault that rci wasnt paid. My friends and I talked it over with legal help and what we are going to do is fly to hawaii, stay at resort for one month and bill rci. Rci made a mistake once before and cancelled my confirmation even though I had airfare paid for. Rci is not going to ruin another vacation. Again, melinda said it was an urgent situation almost one month ago and nobody from rci has responded. Your lack of response is also preventing me from taking other weeks. I want a letter from mr. Balotti about this situation. Thank you.

  • Ep
    EPowell Aug 19, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My boss is trying to get OUT of his timeshare and it seems per an Atty he cannot??? What kind of class action suit do you have with RCI?

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  • Da
    DAWN F ACHANE May 02, 2012

    Here is my recent experience: RCI,

    This is a follow up email on the compliant sent on Mon 4/30/2012 5:36 PM regarding the below issue. As of today I have not been contacted to resolve my issue. If anyone on this email has a point of contact directly please respond with the information. Thanks
    The service I received beginning on or about 2 April 2012 with the RCI representatives and Customer Service Supervisor (Mrs. Venia) was a total disappointment and distress. See details of my experience below:

    **Beginning on 2 April 2012 I tried to book Universal Studio tickets online by using my 60, 000 points and I was experiencing technical difficulties the error read "the dates I was selecting was during the time my membership would expire." I contacted the RCI helpdesk and was told that the issue was taken care of and I could go online and book my tickets within 72 hours and I would receive them in the mail (5 business days) on time for my family vacation scheduled on 21 April 12. I then went back on the site after the 72 hours and still had the same error on or about 7 April 2012. I then called the RCI helpdesk again and spoke with an RCI Representative who stated that my RCI membership fees was not paid for the year and that my transaction could not be updated due to this situation and also I would have to contact Crown Club membership services to correct the issue. I then contacted My SummerBay salesman (Mr. Durling) via phone (voice mail was left) and he informed me that the package I purchased in October 2011 included my membership fees for RCI exchange membership and that I should be able to book my tickets. I also called the Crown Club Membership services and spoke with a representative and they indicated that my package included those fees as well and I should be good to go as far as fees. The Universal Studio tickets could not be booked due to the turn-around of delivery of the tickets they would not get to me in time for our trip, this was due to the time frame it took for me to get assistance on resolving my membership package benefits through Crown Club and RCI.

    *So instead of using my 60, 000 points toward the tickets (paid out of pocket expensive of $ 275.00 for tickets), I booked a rental car (SUV) with a RCI representative who had a foreign accent, she confirmed my rental information on a recording regarding my husband being a driver but my name needed to be put on the reservations as the primary driver due to all credit cards being in my name. Upon arrival to pick up the rental car on 21 April 2012 the reservations had my husband as the primary person for pick up and we had to pay out of pocket expensive of ($200.00) due to the reservation information inputted incorrectly. I contacted the RCI Customer Service Supervisor (Mrs. Venia) to assist with the issue while I was at the rental car company. She (Mrs. Venia) played the recording back of the reservations that were made by me and the RCI Representative and confirmed that the RCI representative misunderstood my request and put the information in incorrectly regarding my husband not being the primary driver for pick up but me. The Supervisor (Mrs. Venia) indicated that it was nothing she could do that day but cancel my reservations and give me back my 60, 000 points and $95.00 dollars and reschedule the rental for the next day. I indicated to her that was unacceptable because I'm Active Duty Navy and on leave which my leave days could not be changed and I had family from Texas visiting and that we were scheduled to travel on 21 April 2012 and was depending on that SUV for all of us to ride to Orlando, FL together in one vehicle. I also indicated to her that cancelling the rental car reservation would also affect our Resort reservations (confirmation #526335485) for check in on 21 April 2012 as well (reservations made with RCI as well).

    ** Me and my husband worked it out with the car rental company and paid out of pocket expenses that caused us a great finance difficulty for our planned family vacation due to the various mistakes of the RCI employees. I spent a lot of money in October 2011 purchasing my vacation property and benefits and I expected a Hassle free process when it was time to use the benefits I'm entitled to. Unfortunately, as you can see I experienced less than hassle free service.

    **I then tried to contact Mrs. Venia via phone through the RCI helpdesk after our vacation to resolve this issue and to receive compensation and was unable to reach her after several attempts on 25 April 12. The RCI representative indicated she sent her an email regarding my compliant on 25 April 12 and as of today I still have not heard from the individual.

    **The way the RCI program was explained to me by the SummerBay Resort Salesman back in October 2011 was totally opposite of what I encountered. I would greatly appreciate a response to this matter as soon as possible. DAWN F ACHANE, ACTIVE DUTY NAVY.

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matt grondin

RCI confirmed a booking for a vacation in England. I proceeded to purchase a flight. Now RCI tells me the "hotel" changed my check-in date and it's half way into my vacation - leaving me 1/2 a vacation where i would be w/o a place to stay. I have non-refundable airline tickets !!!

I dont see how once you have a confirmed reservation they can just "change" it on someone !!


Yes rci is a scam!!! Lies, misleading information, all the above! Here is what I think is happening. This i...


When I tried to exchange my gold crown resort, and could not get anything I was told it was my fault for not putting the request in early.
Well... I put the request in almost a year ago and have still not received a trade. Although, I have been called by rci to rent what I have a request in for. I asked them if they were an exchange company or rental agency.
I was furious. Is this legal!!

  • Jo
    joebin Feb 22, 2010

    no this is not legal and there a clash action against RCI, check it out on the web, it is easy to find out about this law suit

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  • Ju
    junior3762 Apr 16, 2011

    RCI Sucks. No 2 ways about it! My parents were sucked into the RCI vortex of pain w/ promises that all turned out to be bogus. I invested about 10 solid hours, multiple calls/attempted calls to the RCI customer service, & countless migraines trying to set up a vacation for 9 family members. I was absolutely blown away by the RCI system. It's confusing, blatantly deceptive, & an absolutely terrible investment. The only folks happy with RCI are the companies employees! Anyone interested in RCI - endure the sales pitch, if you must have the free whatever they offer, but run as fast as you can when it comes time to buy!

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rip off

I have been a member of RCI for 6 years. I have used their properties only twice. Once in Manhattan, NY and once in Florida. The property in NY was very nice but the people were horrible. The property in FL was gross - bugs climbing up the wall, dirty bathroom, stained carpet and incompetent people. I spent 1 out of 6 nights and left. I have never been able to get the property I request in all this time. I am totally fed up.

The clincher is I made a reservation on RCIs recommendation and after checking online the property reviews, I immediately called back and cancelled the reservation. RCI wanted to charge me $25 to cancel an reservation which was made for only 10 minutes. It took me 5 phone calls and 1 1/2 hours to get a waiver to get back my $25. I was so fed up I cancelled my membership. Good riddance.! They are a big RIP OFF.

  • Ja
    Jane Jan 26, 2009

    RCI used to be the only hopeful thing in the timeshare business for us. We belong to Royal Holiday Club which has been the subject of 20/20 and is an absolute nightmare. RCI has denegerated from travel agents over the last years and become a sleezy part of a sleezy industry. The phone agents barely speak English and cannot follow a conversation/ answer questions; they only have access to the same onscreen info. that we do. Yes, they are selling the weeks that we summit for exchange and offering us rubbish. They have been caught, there is a lawsuit pending in June. RCI is in bed with the crooked companies like Royal Holiday Club. RHC has made it virtually impossible for us to bank with anyone else ( if we want to, we must prepay all-inclusive fees even though we are actually grandfathered and do not have to pay ourselves at the resort ). The big timeshare companies like RHC bank a lot of weeks at the beginning of the year and members are allocated weeks that have alreay gone by. This makes a nonsense of the trading power concept. In return, RCI is guaranteeing they will rent the units by unlawfully selling them. People buying a week for $199 can pay the all-inclusive and still get a week at a nice resort at reasonable rate. The rest of us have paid maintenance, special assessments, membership, exchange fees etc. If you can't go last-minute, your unit goes into Last Call for sale. People looking for last-minute exchange are told it is too late to exchange, but purchase is possible. It's over for RCI, the rot has set in. Timeshare now has no value, so people will withdraw. RCI has only itself to blame, they have become part of the greed culture and will only sink to lower and lower levels.

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disappointment of services,

On July 12, 2008 would be my sixth time to have share with RCI and arranged an accommodation in Risata Bali...

unsatisfactory accommodation!

We went to stay at a RCI time share at Paramount Walton Hall and Hotel Warwickshire. The accommodation was dirty and in desperate needs of refurbishment also no heating on. When we approached the Manager Mr Peter Watkins he agreed the accommodation was below par and in need of refurbishment and that RCI were fully aware of the state of the rooms but could offer no recompense or alternative accommodation. When the time share was taken out we understood that the accommodation would always be of a certain guaranteed standard. This certainly fell well below. I am not even sure it was legal as the electrics left a lot to be desired with wires from the hair dryer exposed in the bathroom.

  • Pi
    Pinar OZTURK Jul 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    First of all I' m sorry!!

    3 days ago we participated a conferance which is arranging by
    Ilgaz Resort Hotels in Ankara Tukey. They mentioned to me and my husband about the holiday system and they added that you can cancel your membership within 10 days after you sign your treaty.
    They also give us the rigts of RCI membership. But when we call them and said that we want to cancel it he said(MEHMET ACAR) İT İS İMPOSSİBLE. So we are sorry.
    Because he wrought the day 10 day before and because of this we couldnt do anything. Please help me about this event.
    The name is Mehmet ACAR he is responsible about all this.
    Their adress is Tunalıhilmi cad. No: 108/9 Kavaklıdere Ankara/TURKEY the other adress is Barbaros Bulvarı Kışlaönü Durağı No:48/12 Balmumcu/Beşiktaş/TURKEY

    Name of company: ILGAZ MOUNTAIN RESORT

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rip off!

RCI are nothing more than a bank trying to take as much money from you as they can. Ludicrous annual fees to...

rci took my family for a ride... big time!

In May 2007 I received a friendly reminder from RCI that my membership was due for renew and was offered a 5-yr for $69/yr or somewhere around $350. I was told that if I renew that I would get a "cruise" voucher good for up to $1200. I requested clarification about the "up to" comment I previously heard and was told that at the conclusion of our conversation that I could be forwarded to the cruise department for further clarification. This was only a bad sign of things to come as it became very clear the cruise department and RCI customer service appear purposely disconnected. Let continue. I was also told that if I deposit my Maui, Hawaii week that I would receive a 2nd bonus week that could also be used in conjunction with the first one, thus having up to $2400 toward a cruise (remember this). I purchased the 5yr membership, but was not forwarded to the cruise dept. I submitted my form to the embassy kanapaali beach club to bank my week and receive a 2nd cruise voucher and received a confirmation of the successful bank to RCI. Now RCI tells me that I already banked my week in September 2006 and I became outraged since I never banked the week! I had to 3-way call the embassy in hawaii and RCI customer service with a supervisor and YES RCI then validated that I infact did not bank in September 2006. The bank was confirmed as May 11, 2007 and a cruise voucher was apparently shipped to my address and would be received a few days after the first one arrived. Three weeks later, I contacted RCI because I never received either of the vouchers that were supposed to arrive within two weeks. A couple more weeks passed and I received the first voucher. I let a couple more weeks go by and called RCI about the 2nd voucher only to be told the 2nd voucher was not valid because I banked in Sept 06. Here we go again. I went around with RCI eight times, included Embassy again and spent over 3 hours on the phone and was promised each and every time that a voucher would be sent to me but it never happened. Finally I was given a voucher activation number and was told to call the cruise department to activate it. I did so only to learn that only one voucher may be used per cabin, they expire in 12 months from activation and may not be used together. WOW. What was I fighting for? I called RCI customer service back and was told by the customer service about the lack of communication between them and the cruise department and cruise department as well as the lack of training received. The rep talked about the hardships their customer service staff had to deal with regarding the cruise voucher promotion and he ultimately provided my with yet another voucher id and I did contact the cruise department to activate successfully, but I will not be using two cabins and have absolutely no idea about the true value of the voucher(s). I know this may be getting boring, but please stay with me because part 2 is worse. We now have a 5 year membership with RCI and I contact them to make arrangements for a southern california timeshare in Anahiem or somewhere close to Disneyland in late July. I am told there is NOTHING available. The first reason, noone in So Cal gives up their timeshare! However, they offer to sell us a week at the Peacock Suites hotel in Anahiem, CA at a higher rate than if I booked the hotel myself or went through expedia. I declined the offer and booked through expedia. Now, not only do they take my RED week in Maui, but they have nothing to trade in return and we out of pocket over $1500 that should still be in the bank making money. I canceled our 5yr and will most likely never use this crooked service again. You'll have to agree that RCI is definitely NOT the well-oiled machine that should be able to put your trust in as a timeshare owner. I'll close this out by mentioning that I've received many phone calls from RCI about renewing my membership and I take the time to tell them about my experience only to learn that it was my fault for not having booked a year in advance. WOW, do they need some competition! I really don't know what to do with this...

Mark in Savage, Minnesota.

  • Lo
    loki Jan 28, 2009

    I use to work at rci- they get thousands of requests for summertime coastal areas but very few deposits- people try for years only to lose their weeks or have to pay to extend them. if you are going to play the game take time to learn the system- it's an expensive lesson if you don't.

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  • Ke
    Kevin Richards Jul 20, 2015

    Not only that but you should have seen his previous, loki, he claimed this experience made him so angry that he beat his children and his wife eventually divorced him

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traded into a glorified motel from a gold crown

RCI charged me twice for an exchange fee. They took my first exchange fee and sent me to a glorified motel in Daytona Beach called the Perennial Vacation Club ( and when I complained, they gave me a compensatory week, but when I went to use that week they wanted to charge me the exchange fee all over again!

  • Ke
    Kevin Richards Jul 20, 2015

    Why not get a job instead of complaining to get free stuff. If you cannot afford vacation stay at home.

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rci charged me twice for the same membership!

RCI called early one morning, 1/07, to tell me my membership had expired 9/06 due to my previous payment, made over a year before, [paying it through 2009] being rejected by my credit card company. I asked how could this be as RCI had my card number on file and I always keep the card balance at zero. They told me RCI probably transposed a digit and that's why it was rejected. I had recently sold my timeshare and RCI membership to a friend, who was out of the country on business for 5 weeks, so was worried he would return to find he had no RCI membership as I had promised. I paid $229, for a 3 year membership, paying the membership through 2009. Several days later I received a letter from RCI saying my membership expired 9/06 and I could get a 3 year renewal for $178. The buyer of my timeshare and RCI membership returned from the South Pacific and informed me that the RCI membership I transferred to him was processed 12/06. I called RCI and was only sent a partial refund. They agreed it was their error in charging me but said "you agreed to buy it... under the terms and conditions... there is nothing we will do for you." It took over a month to receive the remainder of the refund, this after many phone calls and emails. I can no longer recommend RCI due to their poor customer service.

  • Ga
    Gary Miller Sep 06, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Actually trying to use RCI to exchange a property is even more of a nightmare. You are wise for dropping your membership.

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  • Ky
    Kymklein Sep 19, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am appalled with rci's stance on the impending hurricane. I've been a loyal customer for over 15 years and i find it criminal that RCI refused to refund my money for a reservation on the coast of Virginia. The federal and local government has declared a state of emergency, the interstates to get there have been reversed to one-way traffic only

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