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Rc Willey Accounting / Felony Theft

1 Reno, NV, United States

November 2012 I bought a Kitchen Range on 12 month NI account. In January 2013 I bought a Table and Chair Set on 6 month NI account. In April 2013 I purchased a Dishwasher for $777.20 on my ATM/Credit card.
The complaints for the Kitchen Range are that I had to pay extra for Delivery/Install/Bracing Parts. The Range was delivered and installed. The brace which I had to pay extra for was not installed and the range was not installed correctly. The night of the install I had to call in my gas company because of a gas leak and evacuate my home. The leak was caused by a poorly attached gas line to the range. To assuage my feelings they gave me the ATV for children they were selling for $39 with a qualifying purchase.
No complaints on the Table and Chair set.
In April when I purchased the Dishwasher on my ATM/Credit card I was told it would be delivered and installed on Monday. Monday came and no delivery. When I called the salesperson she said "I never said that it would be installed on Monday." In effect calling me a liar. I said I would not have purchased it otherwise. Long story short I cancelled the purchase. I went to the Customer Service Center at the store and swiped my ATM/Credit card and received my refund back to my Bank Account. I added my $777.20 back into my bank account and left.
Fast forward to June 5 when I went to the store to make a payment on my 12 month NI account (the kitchen range). I was told not only was it paid off but that RC Willey owed me $319.00. I knew I still owed over $400 and told them so. The Manager said she would call Corporate and contact me the next day. The next day she reaffirmed that RC Willey owed me the $319. Since I have electronic billing I had to print out all my statements and discovered the problem. Even though I have a receipt for the refund of $777.20 they never refunded it to my bank account. "Someone" at RC Willey decided to instead apply the $777.20 from the cancelled Dishwasher purchase to my account for the 12 month NI Kitchen range. The manager at the Reno Customer Service then told me on June 7th that she would not refund me my $777.20 and that I only had $319 coming to me. She stated the original refund for the Dishwasher had been "rejected" and then RC Willey applied those funds towards my 12 month NI account. I told her they did not have the authority to play with my money and that I had already written checks against that $777.20. I also told her that what they had done was Fraudulent Felony use of my Credit Card. When I asked why I was not notified about the "rejected" refund she literally had no answer and just stared at me. Also, I not only have the refund slip from the store I received a letter from RC Willey in April explaining the $777.20 had been refunded my account.
I insisted that they refund the entire amount immediately or I would file a criminal complaint against the company. I know this is getting wordy but the end result was that I again have another refund slip for $777.20 and they had to reopen another 12 month NI account to account for what I still owe on the Kitchen Range. All this only because I had to completely embarrass myself in the store to convince them to do the right thing with customers walking around and staring at me. The rest of the customer service employees were all standing around looking at me like I was some kind of crazy person. When they (RC Willey) had stolen and or misappropriated my money. I am so done with RC Willey and at this point I have not yet decided whether I should go see an attorney or not.
I will never purchase another item from RC Willey nor do I recommend anyone else shop at RC Willey. What they did to me was criminal.

Jun 8, 2013

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